It’s SUCH a nice day outside. Seems like the perfect time to go fertilize my lawn with my environmentally friendly, child and animal friendly, all natural, made from food, bacteria free lawn fertilizer. It doesn’t burn either so I can’t ruin things. My one son is sleeping on our couch in his organic cotton onsie from MEC and my other is eating organic cereal. What’s my problem?? ha ha. I guess I don’t always express my nuttiness for that kinda stuff.

Yesterday I went to put up the shelving that I bought and Brent and I got the top anchor bar up and then realized it was upside down. So I had to go back to Home Depot to get more butterfly clips. Which is a trip I’ll gladly make ANY day. I also got my fertilizer and a little sprinkler and the shelving unit I was looking for for Silas’ room. Costco had bigger ones on for cheaper but they don’t have them anymore. Anyway, yay for Home Depot and it’s glory. I’m not a major advocate for corporations but some of them are just so gosh darn exciting.

Today I’m going to try to get the rest of the shelving up in the pantry/storage room. I wanna wash some walls in there first before I store my food in there. You know how I feel about the filth in this place. And I might do some more wall washing and mudding. I hate wall washing, I don’t mind the mudding but then the sanding licks again. I just like rolling the paint on….for like an hour maybe and then I’m bored. I hate cleaning it all up afterwards too.

Know what’s weird? Isaac is 12 weeks old which means he SHOULD be three months old but he’s not because there’s so many weeks in these summer months (not that I’m complaining). We have 2.5 weeks left until he’s three months. Isn’t that wacky? Ok, I seriously have nothing to talk about…I’m just feeling chatty…I miss Jill.

Pictures are better than words.


in his organic cotton onsie today



who are you looking at?


fearfully and wonderfully made


I peed on my on sleeper so now I’m nude.


  1. Nice to hear your enthusiasim, I don’t have any these days. The pictures are an absolute gift, you have beautiful children, and we think we have the cutest grandkids.

  2. How freaking cute is he! I think about that whole week/month thing all the time. It drives me crazy. I just want it to be RIGHT all the time – the weeks and months to match. Yes…. that would help me out so much.

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