This and That and Whatever Else

This one is long but I’m in a mood so I think it’s especially entertaining.

Brent’s at church doing sound. It’s funny because he’s a darn good sound guy and he hasn’t done it for long. I kind of dislike sound day Sunday’s because it takes 6 hours. Our church is in a school gym so everything needs to be set up and taken down. But I love it that my husband does something he loves and has some time away. Plus it’s fun to look back at him during the service and see how hot he is behind those sound boards. I haven’t been to church in months. It wasn’t working with Ike having so much trouble nursing. I think I can again soon. Silas isn’t napping until 12 now and Ike is nursing every 4 hours so it might make it easier. I kinda miss church and Silas needs that time in the toddler room with all the other kids.

Onto other things. I found this stuff called TSPe at Home Depot. It’s an environmentally friendly TSP alternative that you don’t need to rinse and you don’t have to worry about killing your children with it. Even though TSP is in the Cheerios they eat every day (there ya go Leanne). I was worried that it wouldn’t work as well. Brent was using it in the stairwell because if we paint that right away before the carpet goes in, we save a lot of time cutting around the dumb stairs. He decided to wash the railings just because and was horrified to see our railings go from a dark blackish brown color to a nice golden medium brown color. AAAAAHHHHHHH. Our hands had been touching that!! ew ew ew. Other people’s filth is just so gross. I have a few before and after photos for your personal enjoyment. Anyway, the TSPe works so buy that instead please.



Yesterday our neighbours had an open house so we went and checked out their renos that they had done. We’re stealing a few of their ideas that unfortunately require the knocking down of walls. They took out a closet in the entry that opens it up SO much more in there. We HAVE to do that. I was worried about the missed closet space but there’s another closet there and then there’s room for a coat rack and storage chest thingie (Mark you need to make me a chest! PLEASE?? I loooove you….chessssssst….and um…you’re the best…storage chest…doooo it. Silas wants you to. He said “Grandpa, make me a chest please for my winter gloves and toques and my hockey skates”. ). We’re taking out the fire box and putting wiring and cable in there for the TV and ALSO he realized that the chimney goes up the master bedroom wall so he cut it out there and now there’s like a little cove with a storage thingie. I’m going to put pillows in it and perhaps some built in cupboards and some lighting it can be my little cozy love cove for reading and cuddling and other loving things. It’s going to be amazing. I’ll need one of my sewing family members to help me make a kabillion pillows…and some curtains…and things. Mom? Roselle? Jennie?

Anyway, today I should actually wash walls instead of watching Blade 3. I’m going to go to Home Depot and get some Natural Worm Poop fertilizer for my lawn. The thought of fertilizing my lawn gets me so incredibly giddy. I’m pining for next summer when I’ll have my raised garden bed for veggies and I’ll put in some flower beds and this fall I might plant an apple or plum tree. And I’ll fertilize them with organic fertilizer and It’ll be wonderous. I think I was a Mennonite in a past life.

Isaac and Silas are good. After I bragged about them doing well and all that consistency bull-$#^! they decided to go into remission. Not too bad though. I should have knocked on wood or something. Both boys are sleeping soundly and looking ever so cute. Silas told me I had I time out this morning. Whenever he’s mad he yells “NO NO! NO TOUCH! DANGER! HONEY! TIME OUT! ON YOUR BUM!!!!” or something of the like. So I had a few time outs this morning according to him. He’s sure talking a lot. He’s delicious. Isaac has had a bit of a stuffed nose and I can hear boogers rattling around but I can’t see them or get to them. It drives me crazy. When he was nursing and milk was once again streaming out of his nose a booger peaked out of his perfect nostril but at the same time he choked on a bit of milk and he sucked it back in…I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. A missed opportunity to satisfy my picking urges. I could hear it rattling around back there…I could feel it in my own nose. I hate that feeling when they get sucked way back there. I picked at some of Silas’ ear wax and that made me feel a bit better. Oh ya, the boys got weighed when they got their shots. Ike was a few ounces shy of 17 pounds (my arm is so sore from holding him yesterday) and Silas is a few ounces shy of 30 pounds. He’s been at that weight since he was like a year old. He’s got a bunch of loose skin because he’s losing fat and getting taller. I like pulling on it. ANYWAY. I should shut up now. You can tell my sister Jill is on vacation because I’m not shutting up. I usually get my daily hour or two chat in with her and it satisfies my chattering urges (I have many different urges). Her hubby is biking the Trans Rockies Challenge…he’s nuts.

THE END. I promise.

K just a photo of Ike


Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.


  1. Okay, that picture of Ikey oh made me laugh soooo much. Too darn cute, I say. Does he like the arch thing-y? I have some cute pics of him in the bumbo on my computer, but guess what…does it surprise you that it won’t let me send them?
    Ohhhhh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weinerrrrr…

  2. Is there much room to grow in that outfit? I was worried about that. The ‘hunting’ booties looked plenty big. Give Elmer Fudd and Silas a big kiss from Grandpa Geoff. Dad

  3. It must be so satisfying to watch all of that crud wash away on your banister. That is just the type of thing that would make my week. People would find me hovering around the stairs, gazing lovingly at it.


  4. That is too cute! Reminds me of Andy in his camo one piece flight suit outfit…maybe that was two outfits i’ve morphed into one in my memory, but he was darn cute in it 🙂

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