My Heart is Doing a Giddy Dance

So I bought the most exciting thing at Costco yesterday.  I don’t know if I’ve ever shared my love for office supplies on here.  That isle in Costco makes me very excited.  Anyway, there was this 4 dollar off coupon so I bought this adorable mini PAPER SHREDDER!!!  Yes, now I too can shred all of my important documents and no longer have to worry about some arsehole stealing my information because as oddly as I’m into stationary, I’m also as paranoid about people stealing my info.  Just picture me now, doing a paper shredder dance because thats what my little giddy heart is doing.  It was only $14.99 after the coupon!  I also bought my husband a 4l thingie of GOJO…it was 10 dollars. They make the Pekkle PJ’s for kids now too which is exciting.  I bought some for Silas.  I’m a Pekkle sleeper advocate.  Remind me to not go to Costco again for a while. It’s too exciting in there.

Other than that, we’re going to TSP some walls today.  BOOOOORING.  I think I might sneak away from it and shred something.  Or I might just stare at my paper shredder.

Paper shredder.


  1. Ah ha ha ha. Paper shredder. Weirdo.

    (Ahem…My heart also did a giddy dance when I bought mine a few years ago…along with the file folders and color coded tab-y things ).

    How’s the TSP? Did ya smush cheerios on the wall for the TSP, or did you actually use TSP out of the carton? I’m surprised you didn’t talk about the use of TSP in cheerios today.

  2. I share your paper-shredder-giddiness. Last year I even upgraded from my first tiny shredder to a 6-page thick shredder. Not that I usually have 6 pages to shred at once, but it seemed like a nice feature. What I do have now, though, is a box full of papers that I keep meaning to shred but never seem to have time to. Wanna stop by for tea and shred for me?

  3. ooh, I love paper shredders too for some odd reason. I was a bit giddy when I got mine, it dices the paper into little mini shreds! And gets jammed and makes strange noises, lots of fun 😉

  4. Don’t forget to donate the shredded paper to a daycare/preschool/kindergarten…colored paper is great, especially around holidays 🙂

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