Hugs for You

Since this whole autism thing came about I suddenly have this MASSIVE respect for parents of children with special needs.  In fact, can we like have a group hug and a little cry?? Ha ha.

Seriously though, how do they do it?  Silas is high functioning and I’m hanging on by a thread today.  How do you all do it??  What’s your secret?  Can we hold eachother?

Silas was Ragey McRagerson today.  Diving head first from his knees into the floor.  It looks…well…it looks absolutely disgusting to me.  I hate it with all of my heart.  Holding your child back while they desperately try to hurt themselves is something that no parent wants to have to do.  It’s just…ugh.  It’s sad, it’s scary, it’s hard, it’s sickening…it’s everything.  All he wants is to shash his head as hard as he can.  Sometimes he does it into corners.  UGH

At any rate.  Today was hard.  So if you wanna use your jedi powers and send me some patience and whatever else you can send…feel free.  I’m going to go relax in the shower 🙂


  1. The head banging hurts us all, even us long-distance grandparents/great grandparents. Can you feel our long arms reaching you for a good, long hold. In all the informative data/discussions you have been exposed to, have you ever heard of temporarily using a head helmet of some sort to cushion the blows? Perhaps something like those used on children with cranial weaknesses.

  2. A GREAT BIG OOPS!!! For some reason my name came out as Jennie C. instead of GRUMPS. Could it be because Jennie was here this week end and “helped” us with our computer???

  3. Hi Leah- hugs to you – I so understand your pain- I never in a million years expected motherhood to be 1/2 as hard as it is- yet nor did I expect to love it as much as I do. Our little guys are a challenge to say the least, but I believe they were placed in our lives for a reason. I used to be a little self indulgent and self absorbed- not very patient or thoughtful- now all I do is care for others, always try to imagine how others feel, and I am very generous and patient thanks to my Lukey. Strange how God shapes us through our children…….
    I do believe that Silas will get better- we will continue to have the days like this- but I also know from having my son in therapy for 2 years already that he is sooooo much easiernow than in the very beginning (which is where you are at)….. time helps the hurt, therapy helps learn/teach the skills you BOTH need, and him growing and maturing will naturally help as well.
    Hang in there- you will survive- let me know if you need anything- there are days I too feel I will lose my mind- you are not alone!

  4. The Jedi powers I think I have are called prayers..I shared with our small church last Sun. about Sias’ autisim and the need to pray for you especially Leah for strength to carry on…and for Brent also.

  5. Our prayers are with you also, for each one of your family members. And now that Jennie C. showed me how to correct our “Leave a Rely”, I’ll update the previous GRUMPS moniker that one of my dear grand children hung on me.

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