Can I Have That Spelled Plural Now Please?

My dear Silas now wants everything spelled two ways.  I must first spell a word and then I must then spell it again but plural.  As annoying as it is to have to constantly be spelling all day long and having to spell everything twice, it’s still kinda neato that he’s trying to figure it all out.

Now I go into his room and see all the wonderful words he’s spelled on his chalkboard like BLUE and GREEN and GREENS and BLUES.  ha ha.  Oh that boy.

Jill, my most wonderful ECE teacher sister and mommy mentor and I were daydreaming about what Silas’ therapy/playroom is going to be like.  I think she’ll soon come out to help me put it all together.  I think I’m going to move both the boys into Isaac’s room (change of plans) and have the therapy/play room in Silas’ room cuz it’s bigger. Jill might come out to help it all get put together, I’m so excited!!

I just want to get it all happening.


  1. Oh I can so relate to the plural thing- Lucas spells everything then adds an S to it………. like kid then kids or picture then pictures- the scray thing though is I never taught him this- he learned it on is own. I swear I am 34 and he spells better than I ever have in my life- I often have to look things up that he spelled to see if it is right 🙂 He spelled Beef Tenderloin off of Wheel of Fortune last night- cracks me up!

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