All Ikey

I feel like I’m robbing you of cuteness.  Seriously.  I must talk more about the Ike-aroni!  Poor kiddo is going to feel like the youngest neglected child that no one takes photos of or talks about.

He’s talking so much lately.  This morning he says “LET GO” when I was trying to attempt a game of tug of war with him.  Yes most kids say that but it’s fascinating to me given my circumstances.

I keep telling him, every day, to stay a baby but he’s not listening.  He keeps growing and doing new things and I’m like GRRRR.  There’s like 5 months left before he transitions from baby to boy and I’m not ready yet!

we had the most wonderful moment the other night.  We were downstairs alone while Silas and Brent were writing on the chalk board.  I decided to pull out some chocolate chips for us to share.  Little moments like that, when we’re all alone, enjoying something together.  I love it.  He was so cute shoving them in his mouth and smiling at me.  He’d take one out of my lips with his and giggle.  He’s just such a delight so much of the time.

He’s started driving cars all over the places and making vroooooom noises.  It’s so cute.

He’s a BIG fan of stuffed animals and always wants one when we snuggle.  He carries them around and puts them to bed, then wakes them up and kisses them and repeats the whole process over and over and over.

This kid is such a delight.  Yes he’s ALL OVER THE PLACE but he’s so cute and he’s so happy all the time.  I just absolutely adore him.  I’ll get some photos of him for everyone soon.

He’s also pretty cute when he tries to sing.  He’s pretty good at it too, especially for his age.  He’s good at keeping the tune and he totally loves rocking out to music.  He’ll dance and dance and dance.  When a song comes on that he likes, he’ll purse his lips and bob his head and look at me like “I’m such a rockstar”. Lately you can hear him singing Animal by Def Leppard, Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi and lollipop by lil wayne….don’t judge me ha ha ha.

Brent’s taught him how to say whaaat whaaaaaat like a rapper.

Lately he’s been wanting to wear Silas’ shoes all over the house.  They’re usually on the wrong feet but I think it’s cool he can actually get them on.

He’s also the best little smoocher in the world and will usually give kisses on command at any moment.  It’s pretty nice to be able to steal one whenever i need one.

Anyway, I could go on and on and on.  I’ll try to involve him more in this.  Silas REALLY takes up a lot of my thoughts.  But Ikey is still here, hanging in there, forgiving Silas every time he hurts him, learning exactly on schedule and being a light in my life.


  1. So glad you are getting to enjoy your little one- cherish those moments- I will most likely never get them as I think I am done having kids unless God believes different for me. Makes me sad, but so glad to hear that my friends get to experience them with their NT kiddos- eat him up- he is such a cutie pie!

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