Is it possible that the fact that I have no idea what I want to do with my life almost makes me enduring?  Yes??  Say yes?  Maybe?  At least say maybe.  (ya I stole that from my husband…guess where he uses THOSE lines? (Say yes?? say maybe??)

So, what I’m trying to get at…is that you like me cuz I’m crazy right?  Thought so.

What a crazy crazy week this has been.  We’ve decided on a place that will be doing Silas’ therapy.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my son needs therapy.  I have to move my boys into the same room soon too…ack…Lord save us all.

I need to make money too though.  To make money off this blog would mean I would have to go crazy and talk about people’s products and um….well…I aint that kinda gal.  Why do I care so much about principle?  I want to work at something, make some money doing SOMETHING.

Pushing Arbonne aside, not that it isn’t a good idea but it’s OH SO FREAKING WAY TO FREAKING MUCH FREAKING OH MY GOSH MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE….FREAKIN.  Which, in layman’s terms…just too much right now.

I love blogging, I love you guys (even though I seem to attract the mute people who cannot comment) a lot and I love blogging.  I love photography.  I love learning about it all.

If you look to your right, you’ll see my health blog in the blogroll.  THIS is where I can make money.  THAT is what I’m going to do, I’m also going to invest in a little more photography equiptment and I’m going to figure out how the crap to make a website and I’m going to make business cards and I’m going to snappity snap snap photos of people who love me and want to pay me to do such things.

Health and Sanity *sigh* it’s a love of mine that I left long ago because each post took so long and, well, I just didn’t do it.

Why not turn Arbonne energy into Health and Sanity energy?  Work hard hard hard at getting people reading, then start bragging about stats, have people pay me to write blogs on their products (as long as they’re in line with what I’m about), include some ads, bata bing bata bang bata boom.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t need much.  I just want to be debt free.  I’d feel rich if we were debt free.  But I know for a fact that I can’t apply myself to something if I don’t actually like the process.  I love blogging, I love photography.  I’m just a little chicken.  But knowing I NEED to make cash now, that I’ll regret never going with Arbonne because I’m not making anything now…THAT is good insentive.  Plus the fact that…I lost my train of thought cuz I got distracted.

ANYWAY, I’m craaaazy all over the place but I feel at peace finally.  I’ve been sick sick sick with anxiety about doing Arbonne.  I believe in the product, I will still let you buy product through me if u wish.  I love it sooo much and I’m a lifetime customer.  Just not able to commit to it.  Not now.  But it’s always there and I have an amazing uptake that’ll help me get to the top if I want to persue it.

At any rate, time to finish editing photos of my girlfriend’s preggo photo shoot we did.

I’m glad I feel at peace.


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