Dear Me

I forgot to blog, I was tied up in phone calls, editing photos etc etc etc.

I feel so sick to my tummy.  I can’t tell if it’s just me being scared or me thinking this Arbonne thing isn’t right for me.  I kinda threw myself into it.

I believe in Arbonne, I think it’s a good product.  No, I think it’s an excellent product.  But is this something I’ll love??

Today my friend Petara asked me how the photography was going.  The wedding show I did alllll weekend was fun.  But I felt annoying.  I was jealous of the people who had the photography booths.  I love photography.  I’m good at photography.  I’m just as scared of doing photography as I am of Arbonne.  No, less.

I dunno guys.  All I need to know is that I need to make money.  I just dunno how.

UGH.  I’m tired of all this stress.


  1. Fear sucks!
    I wish I could book you for an Arbonne party to help you out but it’s kind of hard since I live in Indiana, USA. 😀
    You are so creative and smart and talented and beautiful and loyal and full of love for your family and a great singer and…. (I could go on and I only know you through your blog!) 🙂
    Praying for you for courage and peace.


    ps – what if some of your photos became cards and Hallmark sold them – 😀 that would be cool.
    maybe you could partner with someone to make bags for Silas? (you know and sell them on the internet)
    I hear you can make decent money chicken catching. 🙂

    well…they may be absurd ideas but at least they are ideas


  2. oh …. i’ve heard you can make quite a bit of money filling out surveys and stuff like that – companies want to know what people think of their products

    i don’t know details…just another idea. 🙂

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