I Ache

I ache, it’s weird, my whole body aches.  It aches like I have a fever but I don’t have one and I don’t have the headache.  It’s really odd, it feels awful.  A hot shower makes it better as does some ibuprofin.

My life lately has really been quite the load.  It’s interesting isn’t it?  Just a bunch of little stuff I guess.  I’ve always had obstacles thrown my way, sometimes really awful ones so I guess this isn’t that terrible.  At least I have wonderful children and I love them so much.  They’re a blessing more than anything.

My little blessing Silas decided that today is the day that climbing out of the crib is a good idea.  I was in the shower and Brent came up to take Ikey from me and asked “did you close Silas’ door?” I said “no” and he flew through that door so fast to find Silas covered in paint.  We had left the room paint out because we’re trying to get that all done today.  So then Brent’s reeeaaallly pissed and he throws Silas’ clothes off of him and puts him in the shower with me.  Brent was so mad and Silas was like “wahoo, shower time”.  Anyway, I turned it off and went to grab his clothes and when I came back he had pooped in the shower.  I just shrugged my shoulders and used it as a learning experience, perhaps it’ll help potty train him one day.

Last night I woke up to Ikey crying, I had only fallen asleep for about a half an hour and Brent was holding him when I went to sleep.  I got up cuz I thought I should nurse him maybe and Brent said he was being super restless.  I thought I should give him a little motrin because I think he’s been teething.  After I gave it to him he was SO upset, he hates it and he was crying and coughing and then he threw up all over my couch.  He even got a bunch in his eye…or maybe I did that when I attempted to catch it all in my hands.  Anyway, I took him to the sink to wash it all off and it was so slimy, I had to peel the slime off his cheek.  I got him changed and everything and took him to bed, then he puked all over my bed.  For that I just wiped it up and laid a towel over it and went to SLEEP!

Ahhh the joys of motherhood, it truly is a wild ride but I never regret it, I love them too much.

Looks like Silas is skipping his nap today.


  1. Noodles that sounds like alot of ickys for one day. There is nothing like poop in the shower tho to brighten your day. haha. Em says hello. we miss you guys!

  2. The paint mischief sounds like quite the ordeal, Can’t say my kids ever tried that one. I’m going to call you now.

  3. Don’t you love how your standards are lowered once you have kids? On our last vacation Aidan decided to wee all over the bed after his bath, I simply wiped up what I could, got his jammies and diaper on, laid a towel over the wet spot and went off to dreamland!

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