Yay Screaming!

Ahh, the lovely sound of the scream.  How it vibrates in my ear drums and makes my whole body go stiff.  How it makes my teeth hurt, and the lovely feeling of frustration that builds up in my body, waiting to be released on an unsuspecting wall when no one is looking.  Beautiful screaming.

We’re trying a new tactic with Silas’ tantrums and it’s exciting because I get to listen to him scream for an entire hour sometimes.  It truly is a thing of beauty.  When he tantrums we don’t look at him, touch him, talk to him…nothing.  He gets nothing until he asks nicely.  It’s been a wonderous few days of it.  I figure our luck will be up in a few days and we wont get to listen to the glorious sound as much.  I sure hope it works, a few more days of this and I might jump of a bridge pee myself with giddiness.

Looks like Ikey poopy is teething.  He has had a fever, the runs, a bit of a drool rash and is nursing worse…if that is even possible.

Speaking of nursing Ikey.  He always latches wrong and I have to correct it.  I think I’ll try not correcting it, that way the milk flow will go down a bit more I think.

Being a Mom of two is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  It would have been easier if I had gotten pregnant again right away after having Silas I think.  He used to be so much more agreeable

I truly do apologise for my lack of enthusiasm lately.  I myself am not down or depressed, I just dealing with a lot of crap from Silas.  He really is quite lovely a lot of the time.  He was wonderful an hour ago when Lucas and Leanne came for a visit.  Just a darling.  He kept bringing Lucas toys, how wonderful.  He’s now screaming in his bed.  He never screams in his bed.  He loves his bed.  Now, right now I’m half blogging half nursing.  I have to burp Ikey 500 times/feeding so i go back and forth and i always end up putting him to sleep and then nursing him.  Anyway, Ikey needs me right now but it sure sound like Silas could use a cuddle.  I hate having to choose between kids, figuring out who’s problem is more urgent.  I hate finding myself responding more to Isaac because he’s younger.  I do try and make it equal.

Anyway, I should get this puppy to sleep so I can go cuddle Silas.  I’m so stoked for the long weekend…and turkey!!

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  1. Go ahead and keep telling us how difficult it is to mother two young uns. Today I’m particularily happy not to be in that postion becauce I’m dealing with a cold or flu. Tell Silas grandma can hear him screaming and it hurts her heart.

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