I Can’t Come up With a Title This Time…

I fell asleep praying last night that I would be feeling more blissful and happy about this whole new baby thing.  I woke up feeling a lot better.  I’m feeling a lot more normal and social and in love with my little Isaac.  Thank God!  I always forget to pray about things, it seems to really do the trick sometimes.

We went to church today.  Ike’s first church outfit was a onesie with a skull and crossbones and jeans.   Not many people noticed, so much for making a statement.

My MIL is here today, she’ll be here for just over a week I think, FIL is coming in 5 days.  I’m looking forward to the visit now as I am feeling a lot more social.  I haven’t had any anxiety today.  Woot.

It seems like I need to already start to really attempt to lose weight.  The weight loss has REALLY slowed down already at a very bad place.  I’m 178 now.  Goal weight: 130.  I’ve already lost almost 30 pounds since the last day I had Isaac (still pregnant).  So the weight loss journey begins.  Keep me accountable people.


  1. I KNOW! I am freaking out about tests and stuff! Thank you for reminding me to pray, it is so calming and blissful. Hello to Roselle, the lucky duck! I miss the boys.

  2. I can completely understand how you’re feeling about your weight, considering the distance between where you are and where you want to be. In not too many weeks, I will be facing the same demons.

    Maybe we can encourage each other. I know that it’s unreasonable to ask yourself to start losing weight – you’ve just had a baby only a few short weeks ago, and you’re probably still recovering… if not physically, then emotionally! So, go easy on yourself. There’s lots of time for the weight to come off, and even though it’s slowed down, it doesn’t mean that you will be stuck at this weight, or that it won’t pick up again.


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