Last night I was eating my chile dog (hadn’t had one of those in years, thanks for the suggestion Roselle!!) and Silas wanted some. So we captured it on video. I almost didn’t post this because I was horrified at my lousy posture and scary chewing but then I thought “do I actually care what people think?? ahhhh NO” so I’m posting it.

I don’t usually give into Silas’ freaking out but he was just so cute…he really didn’t wanna share with me at all. Thank goodness he got distracted by the camera. I’m sure that was kinda boring for ppl that don’t know us…ha ha sorry.


  1. That is a classic guys- he’s talking more since we saw him! Can’t wait to see him again – the screaming during the eating is priceless – love you, mum

  2. We just watched it again! Didn’t notice the Bob Marley tunes in the background before. We love how he says “Silas” and “Lucas”! Very Cute!

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