I Gave Birth Again

Last night the most horrifying thing happened. Ok perhaps not the most horrifying but it was weird and it made me a little faint. I was going to the washroom when I notice some tissue coming out of my you know what. I called the hospital and spoke to a maternity nurse and she told me that if I could put it out it would be fine. So I went to the washroom and it was like 5 inches long. Dreadful. That was perhaps one of the grossest things that I’ve ever been a part of but also kinda neato too. It gave me that picked a really big booger feeling, kinda satisfying. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that little story. Just to be nice, I left out the part of how it smelled.

My house is oh so very clean right now. Mom was brave enough to look behind and under things and clean them. Jill was a laundry nut head and even folded which she hates doing. My whole house is as fresh as a daisy now, it’s lovely and I’m so thankful. Brent and I are trying hard to keep it this way.

I hope I’m not speaking too soon when I say this. I was scared that Isaac would be a dreadful baby compared to how easy Silas was. I never thought for once that he might be easier but he is. Weird huh? He’s a better nurser which I didn’t think was possible but he is. He holds his latch really well and handles my spurting milk with ease. He does cough on it a little but that’s ok. His coughs are very cute. He has this one cry where he sounds just like Winnie The Pooh. He’s quite the darling and I’m feeling starry eyed about him already. That could be because he only woke up twice last night and went back to sleep after he ate. He slept better than I did. I was a little hyper still.

I’m just feeling so much better this time. Anything would have been better than what I had to go through with Silas. I was so bruised and stitched and swollen. Not to mention the horrible rash I had afterwards (crossing my fingers that it doesn’t come this time) and all the awful feelings towards Silas. I remember when Silas was over a month old I could still hardly sit. I really recommend not ripping or having forcepts bashing around inside of you to anyone who’s about to have a baby, it’s truly a delight.

Anyway, I need to eat some food and have a nap. I’m going to see if Isaac wants more food now too. He’s been so awake all morning. Except for having a nap with mommy on my chest, sooo nice.


Isaac curled up on Auntie Jill’s lap. Weird angle I know. We need to take more photos.


  1. he is sooo adorable, makes me want another baby.
    I thought that Sophie was a dream baby for the first 2 weeks and then all hell broke lose. I hope this doesn’t happen to you

  2. I love this photo of Isaac(actually I love every photo of him).I’m so very happy that he slept so well last night.He’s a darling indeed.

  3. Hey, I had a similar, uh, tissue experience! It was freaky. I couldn’t figure out what was there and whether pulling was bad. However, in my case, I just asked my midwife, who was visiting me in the hospital because little bits of placenta left behind plus Strep B equals deathly illness. (Don’t worry, if it was going to happen to you, you’d already be flat on your back in the hospital with seven kinds of antibiotics being pumped into you.)

    I hope little Isaac isn’t just lulling you into a false sense of security. Even if he is, he’s too darn cute to be mad at him for it. I wish I could rub his little round head.

  4. ya i know that things could go much worse in the sleep and eat department. One day a kid is a good sleeper and the next month they don’t sleep at all.

  5. Wow. I would have had that satisfying feeling too. You know, alternating with being totally grossed out.

    I’m glad to hear that Isaac is doing well with feeding and all that. You sound like you’re adjusting very very well!

  6. For the record!I made Mark pull over and back up on the road to see my new Neff Neff and demanded to know info. Issac is Gorgeous! Sooo Silas’s brother.

  7. Hey Leah!!
    Well, first of all I totally love you for your honesty, sooooo many people would never tell that intimate of detail! HAHA! I love it! HAHA!!
    Also, Isaac is soooo beautiful, incredibly similar to Silas! I’m soooo glad is has decided to be such a good boy for you!:)
    Lots of Love!

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