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There’s a cleaning frenzy going on in my house.  Jill and Mom have gone bleach happy in my house and boy am I thankful.  Isaac is farting around in the bassinette and Silas is reading books and yelling “I LOVE YOU”.  Interesting.

Last night went by fast enough but mister poopy pants did not want to sleep much.  At about 3 he settled down.  He’s not sleeping as much today so here’s hoping for a better night.  I’m starting him on a feeding schedule today.  Feeding every two hours right now.  With Silas I fed every three hours but he didn’t root around as much and would gulp up a meal in no time.  Isaac is a bit slower and just wants to eat a lot.  He’s been enjoying his soother already.  I’m not a big fan of putting my kid to my boob every five minutes, I think babies just want to suck sometimes so he gets to suck on a soother…or Auntie Jill’s chin.

The first thing Silas said this morning was “baby”.  He’s still being nice to the baby and doesn’t mind at all when I am holding him.  Strange.

It’s boiling hot today.  I’m looking forward to the rain we’re supposed to have next week.  It’s almost easier to have a baby in cold weather I think.  Isaac is just in a little white onsie that’s already yellow around the collar from spit up.  I forgot about spit up.  I also forgot that I’d be doing bum changes in the night all the time too.  He’s already had a poop go up his back and soak through his clothes and blanket.  Grrreaat.  That dreaded gurgling noise.

Anyway, I’m tired and hot and dreading my milk coming in.  I don’t want all the emotions that go along with that.  My nipples are a lot more sore and scabby than I expected too.  Yikes.  Anyway, I’m just rambling on and on.  I don’t think I’ve very capable of putting together a blog that’s organized in any fashion, I’m surprised I see paragraphs.  I’m going to go now, I have a poopy infant bum to change…again.


  1. All those baby happenings again. I tell people what a good mom you are, probably why Silas is being good with Isaac because he feels throughly loved. We’ll be there soon, to see you and meet Isaac.

  2. Girl… you sound like you’re handling everything perfectly. As much fun as this all is (read: a whole lot of hard work) I didn’t read anything bad up there! Keep it up – you’re amazing!! Makes me feel guilty for complaining that my acid reflux is so bad right now.

  3. That dreaded gurgling noise. Snort. I forgot about that. The noise, the smell…..

    I almost miss it. Almost.

    You sound like you’re doing just fine. I’m sure you’re very tired though. You will sleep again. I promise. 🙂

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