I Have This Feeling

So, it’s going to be a while before Silas gets his full assessment.  Like a year.  A year before he gets officially diagnosed with whatever.  If he gets diagnosed with high functioning autism (which he is) then we’ll get no funding or anything.  Which kinda ticks me off.  I have this feeling that in a year he’s going to be so much better that they’ll have a hard time even diagnosing him with autism.  No matter how bad I make him out to be.

Some days I see the autism glaring me in the face but other days I don’t.  With the little bits of things I’ve already been doing he’s already responding!  I really think this might be a biomedical thing mixed in with some good old my side of the family brain issues ha ha.  So, today I’m not sad about it.

This morning Silas thought it would be fun to rip his wet diaper and spill those little jelly beads all over my house.  It was SO much fun to clean up.  Just grand.  I hope he does it tomorrow.

I’m fairly sick and thus not very creative.  Tata.


  1. You know, others have said it, and it’s just so true – there’s not one better to kick this in the ass than you! I know you will work with Silas and just the way you interact with him and nurture him I have the same feeling as you, that in a year the traces of this will be hard to detect by anyone else.

  2. Not feeling well? Kinda droopy and poopy wish I could make you some chicken soupy. Think you lots and praying too.

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