Ikey’s Party!

We had Isaac’s birthday party this weekend and it was lovely!  There would be photos but Jennie was the photographer and she’s been too busy making Bags For Zaza so she hasn’t sent me ANYTHING….how selfish :).  My favorite part was when all of the little ones were seated at my coffee table.  We pulled it up to my bench seat that I made of out my old hearth and Isaac sat his little bum on that bench and munched on food for at least 30 minutes…it was the cutest thing…him sitting on a bench and eating.  Oooooo Ikey.

We put him in his chair for his cake and he gobbled it down.  Brent actually made the cake and it turned out FABULOUS!  Yum yum yum.

It’s interesting to watch Isaac morph into a little toddler.  He’s a full-time walker now.  I guess that means toddler??  I think he’ll always be a baby.  Anyway, he’s just so funny to watch because he really likes to copy people.  It’s so cute when he walks around holding a phone to his ear and jabbering on in Isaacish (his language).  I love the way he babbles, it’s really cute.  He likes to wipe his spot at the table with a cloth now too and will be totally excited to play with my broom and sweep the floor for hours at a time.  He drives cars all around the house, something that Silas wasn’t even doing a year ago but Isaac has watched him and now he enjoys driving cars all over the place.  I’m also very pleased to see he hasn’t started head banging like Silas did.  Perhaps he wont flip out as much as Silas does and then he can be my favorite child….kidding.

Silas pretty much always follows Isaac around.  It’s funny, I thought Isaac would be the pest but Silas really is.  He’s always trying to lay all over Ikey or get in for a close smoosh.  He’ll walk like 1″ behind the poor baby and flap his arms wildly and bounce.  Silas is a little confused about personal space.  Isaac hasn’t learned how to beat him back yet either.  I feel like I’m constantly telling Silas to back off of Isaac, it’s hard for him I guess…he just loves him so much!

It’s so cool that they play together already.  The age gap seems so wide still but they still both think the same things are funny.  Like blowing raspberries across the table at each other and letting out their screeches.  Brent always says we have pet bald eagles in our house, that’s totally what they sound like.  They definitely giggle together a lot already and they love playing chasing games in the kitchen.

I’m actually really excited for the wrestling stage (which will last until they’re like…50).  Hopefully by then we’ll have a play room that I can send them to while they’re being rambunctious.

I never planned for these two to be so close together.  I’d be just giving birth for the first time now if we stuck to our plan.  I never thought I’d like having kids so close together.  My siblings are all way older than me the closest being my brother Andy who’s 4 years older than me but I never really felt the age gap we always played really well.  Possibly because I was always game to play sports and catch snakes with him.  My sister Juliet has always been one of my best friends and she’s 8 years older than me.  The other two…well…they’re so old that I was in elementary school when they both got married…it’s taken me having kids to feel that age gap close…ha ha ha.  People still wonder who’s older than who though.  I guess we age gracefully.  My point being…I thought my kids could get along if they’re not so close together but I guess we know they’ll be play mates being THIS close together.

The other day I realized that I finally made it through an entire year of marriage without getting pregnant!!   I think a celebration is in order.  The gaps between pregnancies are getting farther and farther apart!!  I guess we learned our lesson.

Anyway, the party was a success…I wasn’t successful in not eating leftover party food.  Good thing we’re doing boot camp tonight!

Jennie send photos and videos!!!

Here’s some photos of Ikey just to keep your taste buds tantalized.

this was yesterday…he’s always making funny faces…


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