Flab to Fab

I’d just like to start off with a big thank you to Jennie and her traveling lunges she made me do last night.  My groin is just feeling FANTASTIC!! REALLY!!  grrrrrrrrr.

Jennie went to one of those bootcamps once and learned how to do it all and wrote up these little cards and now we bootcamp without the price of bootcamp.  If you ever happen to be at a certain stadium in a certain area and hear two ladies giggling about pant piddling or grunting out those last 5 push-ups…it might be us.  Sometimes when we’re nearing the end of a run and feeling like giving up I’ll start singing Chariots of Fire and that keeps us going until the end.  You’ll definitely know it’s us if you hear that!  I have been known to sing Eye of the Tiger as well.

Last night was the hardest we’ve worked out since we started about a month ago.  I was feeling like what we were doing wasn’t enough so we started on level two and I think it was the lap around while skipped rope followed by the traveling lunges that did me in.  We still had 9 stairs to do after that and many crunches and push  ups.  That was AFTER the running up and down of the big, steep hill. Then we finished off with a funny walking lap while holding our core as tight as we could…it gave us a funny swagger.

It’s hard but we’re getting toight like toigers.  I’m feeling like I actually HAVE core muscles, I’m finally starting to feel like me again.  Seriously, actually moving and upping the veggies and fruit really changes a woman.  I’m starting to crave our workouts together and I’m loving being sore often, I’m just envisioning my muscles getting bigger and bigger.  I made Jennie promise me that if I was feeling weak then she would HAVE to be strong for me, no giving in to it….and vice versa.  That promise is working very well for us I think, especially because she hates working out in the rain…but I love it :).

I’ve been reading Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Solution book lately.  It’s an interesting read, it’s not a diet.  He gets to the psychology behind how you can make yourself right so you can be successful at losing weight and actually keeping it off.  Two years ago when I was almost to my goal weight of 130 and I was feeling like a hot tamale, I always had something Dr. Phil had said in my mind.  It was just in regards to emotional eating.  It was something about stopping before letting yourself eat something because you’re feeling emotional and asking yourself if this food is going to really help your inner issue.  I thought if that one thing he had said before worked for me then I really should read his entire book.  I’m a true believer that diets don’t work.  You need to throw out the junk from your house and create an environment for yourself in which you can succeed.  I’d never win in a house full of chips…I’m too weak.  I don’t think there’s a special pill or a soup diet or whatever.  I just think you need to eat from what Mother Earth has given you, eat less of it and work your booty.  In other words, pick out food from the outsides of the grocery store and don’t let yourself go down the aisles unless it’s for rice and beans…or spices…

I’m enjoying how this all is making me a better mother.  I’m working harder at being more present with my children.  I have the energy to win the battles and my mind is getting more clear with decision making when it comes to them.  Today Silas and I were at the front lines against each other for almost 30 minutes.

Me:”Silas clean up your coloring”

Silas : *screaming hitting kicking*

Me: * spin Silas around and hold him so he can’t hit* “go clean up your coloring”

On and on and on it went until the crayons were all over the floor, Isaac was put into the exersaucer for his own safety and the battle continued until I made a few moves in the right direction for him to see that it was going to not kill him to clean up and then he cleaned it all up and we had a lovely cuddle.  If he didn’t know who was boss before that, he sure might know now.  A battle over something very silly but I’m so glad I kept to it.  Otherwise I’m just another push over.  I’m like my mom in that way, I’m the boss and if you don’t like it then too bad!!  But in a loving, nurturing, tender kinda way.  Anyway…the point is…this bootcamp thing is making me a better Mommy.

I’ve written out a goal in the format that Dr. Phil makes you do.  I found it really helpful.  I’ve set an actual date with an actual attainable goal weight.  I know the half-way and quarter weights I have to hit and I even know how much weight I need to be losing on a weekly basis.  It’s really helpful.  If I just see 130 glaring at me and the scale right now is saying 160…it looks intimidating.  BUT when I see that I only have to lose 1.66 pounds this week, I know I can easily do that (I already have) so I’m good to go!  I hope this works this time.  I’ve done it before and I can do it again!

Good Mom

I think I am a good mother because:

  • I don’t just do things because my parents did
  • I am open to constructive criticism
  • I have a wonderful sister who teaches me excellently
  • I have a wonderful sister in law who goes through the same things as I do.  She is also a good mom and we have the same parenting goals and standards.  We constantly mull over  ideas and just give each other support.  Sometimes I feel like she gives me more of the support though (because I talk too much) 🙂  She has come in handy for SURE.
  • I try and do my research
  • I don’t treat my children as my possessions, they belong to themselves and I have the responsibility to help guide them to be at their full potential.
  • I have a huge respect for the life I am responsible for and I always want to keep their best interests in mind.  Sometimes it’s fighting a lot of stupid battles but it’s in their best interests to know I am in charge.
  • I feed them whole foods.  They still get a few treats but they still eat very healthy as well.  I wish I could get more veggies in Silas though…poopy kiddo.
  • I try to admit when I’m wrong and try and fix my bad parenting habits.
  • I’ll take advise
  • I truly don’t believe I know it all AT ALL so that keeps me open enough to ideas that are going to help us.

Some days I feel like an awful mother but then I think about what some kids have to go through on a daily basis.  When I’m feeling low about my skills I just remember that my kids are happy, healthy, they’re hitting all the milestones, they get enough love and cuddles and they’re very very safe.

PS I’m starting to loathe these little tidbits that I have to do…I feel silly.


  1. I did pilates today. My abs and pelvic floor are done like dinner! Working out with friends is fun, but we never dissolve into hilarity like you and I do … with our “funny swaggers”.

  2. Exercise is so much more fun and motivating with a friend. I ran 12-15 miles a week for about a year with a friend, and then our kid’s schedules changed and it’s been a little downhill from there. Keep up the great work!!

    It’s always fun to come and read your posts!

  3. I wanna do some more exercise! It’s so addicting! Oh, but those skipping laps are brutal…oh and so are the stairs (barf), oh and so is the hill running…
    But…SO GOOD!

    Don’t feel silly about writing good things about you. I think everyone should do it…it’s a great exercise.

  4. Hi to a terrific Granddaughter,

    Sure glad to hear about your exercising. At 81 years old we, Gram and Gramps, are back at the YMCA again. We are thankful that we are able to exercise. Sure don’t run on the treadmill as we see others do – but we ARE MOVING. I, Gram, thanks to exercise and watching our eating (most of the time) has lost 74 pounds. You will get your weight down Leah – just takes time. Love the
    treadmill but detest the bicycle. Love, Gram

  5. Hey exercise is absolute fun didn’t exercise could actually be soo much fun. Just wanted to share a health tip given to me by my trainer, thought it would maybe help since high antioxidant levels boost the immune system, and boundless energy and endurance levels and also it helps prevent premature ageing, no wonder the celebs are having it!! I get all these benefits from purple which is reportedly the strongest anitoxidant punch ever! If you want more information to check whether what I am saying is right you can get it at http://www.drinkpurple.com , Please let me know if you tried it and liked it or not.

  6. Keep up the Dr Phil strategy. Dealing with underlying issues are an essential part of the weight loss process. I have a neighbor who had weight loss surgery three years ago, she lost 80 pounds and has gained back 30 pounds. Breaking it down to weekly goals makes it do-able. Good luck !

  7. I’m most certainly excersing the vacum cleaner this a.m. The sun is shining and I’ll do the walk this afternoon…oh and I did the miracle ball this morning .

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