I’ll Have That With a Side of Adavan Please.

Today is the last day at home before we take off for Christmas in Manitoba.  I’ve got gallons of anxiety surging through my blood along with some caffeine…they really don’t mix well at all.  I had hardly any sleep last night, once I finally fell asleep someone woke up and then I had to start all over again.

Today I have to finish packing and check everything off my packing list.  I have to go to Costco to pick up photos and buy Isaac some more sleepers.  Our 18 month sleepers have dissapeared and so I guess I’ll go buy some new ones.  I feel bad squishing Ikey into the tattered 12 month ones.  Silas pretty much ruined those as he was in them for a long time, he crawled and walked in those.  I think it’s time for some new ones.  It really stinks because Silas hardly was in the 18 month ones and they’re fairly new.  Alas they cannot be found so I guess it’s time to buy some more.

Yesterday I did some packing, wrapping, card-writing, cooking (to bring to MB with me) and running about, today is just as busy.  I was completely full of anxiety yesterday until I wrote a list…lists are good.

I actually just got back from the Vancouver airport.  I drove Jill there this morning.  The drive seemed shorter this time.  I actually ended up going a way I’ve never gone before…I was just following the little airplanes on the signs.

So, with all of that in mind, I’m going to hop to it.  I think a shower is needed and then I should pack.  I really just want to nap.  Oh how I want to nap.  I don’t think my mind would settle though.  Phooey.  This anxiety thing is really not me.  There’s just too much to be anxious about this Christmas.

Someone please pass the Adavan!


  1. Is Adavan okay do you think for nursing mothers…if so then come on down. I know just how it feels to be so anxious so I will pray and ask the Father to hold up and still your nerves…maybe he’ll remind you of a blessing in all this.

  2. You mean Ativan? 😉 I’m sorry you’re so anxious. That sucks. Can you nap on the plane? I hope your stay in Manitoba is safe and happy. Happy holidays to you and your family! Muah!


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