Stupid Balloons

I hate Michaels, no I love it…but these gosh darn balloons in the front have been there for an eternity, they’re fizzled and floppy.  I just about threw them in the garbage today.  Silas sees them every time we go in there and demands that he has them.  He screamed almost the entire time that we were there.  One lady looked over and mumbled “holy” and I said “don’t judge me” and walked away.  Jill was giggling after me.

It’s kind of funny how strangers think they can talk Silas out of his screaming.  Good luck there poncho, they just end up looking silly because Silas aint buying it.  This one Grandma tried and I think she just scared the lad.

Jill had Isaac in her cart and everyone thought HER baby was perfect, little did they know…he was mine too.

I put Ikey in the front of the cart in Superstore yesterday and I was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  I think that’s why so many mothers go there…cheap food and two kids can fit in the front of the cart.  Perfect.

Silas was SO happy to have Isaac up there with him.  He said “Ikey” and wrapped his arms around Isaac for most of the time.  Isaac loved it too.  He looked so big sitting up there but so little in comparison to Silas.  Silas also let Isaac chew on his finger which both of them enjoy immensely.

Speaking of Ikey getting big, he’s moments away from crawling.  My silly early crawling boys.  Perhaps it’s cuz they’re so big, they get strong quickly.  I think Ikey will start crawling while were in MB for Christmas but I’m hoping he holds off for another month or so.  I’m used to Silas who never really got into anything and now Ikey will be into EVERYTHING, I know it.  I feel it in me bones.

Ike is also trying out his consonants  and is saying “ma ma ma ma” and “blah blah blah blah” all the time.  Him and Silas have such simmilar voices that I sometimes can’t tell who’s doing the talking…or screaming.  Especially in the night.

Anyway, I’m off to get the croc pot full of supper and then make my amazing shephards pie to freeze and take over to MB for supper one night.  I think I have too much beef so I might make two and keep one here for moi!


The boys havin a snug.


  1. I agree about Superstore. Sobey’s is my fave but a major reason I go to Superstore is because all my kids can fit in the cart. Not bad when you have three! Can’t wait to see you guys when you’re out!

  2. Found you via TopMomma . . .

    “Don’t judge me.” That’s PERFECT! I may have to start using that when my Toddler and I are in the midst of our ritualistic fight about who gets to sit in the cart and who gets to walk and people feel the need to butt in.

  3. Ah, the mysteries of crawling…. Mine was a big baby (almost ten punds at birth) but he didn’t crawl early. Too fat to hold himself up 🙂

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