KFC Oprah?? I don’t get it.

Ahhh naptime again.  A hush has settled over the house and I am once again happy to be alone and without children.  You know, I have it kinda easy.  The kids are usually out of their rooms between 8 and 9 and then I really just have to make it to two before I’m home free.  Brent often is home just as the kids emerge from their rooms.  Lucky me I guess.  Or, perhaps it’s a case of God not giving us more than we can handle…ha ha.

So um, another completely different topic.  I don’t watch Oprah these days and I’m VERY confused as to why she’s buying everyone free KFC.  Doesn’t that sound odd to you?  Why is she promoting an unhealthy company, one that (aparently) isn’t so nice to the chickens they serve as well.  I don’t get it.  Ms health ambassador of the universe who jumps on the bandwagon to support almost anything good is now encouraging us to go fill ourselves with garbage and then suffer from gutrot and weirdo poops for the rest of the day until it all leaves our system.

It’s not like I don’t eat KFC, I indulge in it once a year, suffer through the gut rot, say “never again” and then a year later do it all over again thinking maybe it wont be so bad this time…but it always is…even after they got rid of the hydrogenated oil.  *shudder*.

So, perhaps I should get my free KFC because that would make my yearly trip there a lot cheaper I guess.  But now that I’ve spoken so much about gut rot….I don’t think I will.

Oprah, next time can you like…buy me some gas or perhaps a bag of oranges?  Or just send the money to Darfur to save starving children??  I know you do a lot of that but…they need the food more than we do.  Nice gesture though, I just don’t get it.  Maybe I should watch the show more often.

Watch, the next big swine flu outbreaks are going to be in KFC’s across North America.


  1. Do occasionally eat KFC. Didn’t see the advertising. Caught part of a blurp on TV news this morning about ad problems and KFC’s running out of the product, Ha Ha. Like most TV advertising, just ignore it and do what is right.

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