Tomorrow is the first day of Lent, I kinda remembered this today…completely unprepared for it.  I’ve been planning on giving up alcohol for Lent.

No I’m not a Catholic, nor am I an alcoholic, I just find that denying yourself of something you enjoy, but isn’t necessary healthy…is a good spiritual practice.  For any religion.

I chose alcohol for a good reason too.  I find that, very often, in a stressful situation that I utter the words: “I need a drink”.  Obviously that’s like the worst way to cope with a stressful situation.  I just wanna take time, for the next 46 days, to stand up to stress.  I wanna face it head on and conquer it for real, instead of masking it with a light buzz.

It’s pretty much the social normal to drink when stressed.  I hardly know anyone who doesn’t do it.  It’s not really a REAL way to cope, it’s kind of an easy way.  So we’ll see how well I cope now.  I’ve really only had about 4 or 5 drinks in the last two weeks.  I haven’t really had a hankering for it.  I think it’s cuz my magnificent Wellbutrin kicked in and is doing delicious things to my brain.

I also read on Dr Amen’s blog about how alcohol effects the brain in a physical manner.  It ain’t good…it ain’t good at all.

So here’s to Lent, and depriving ourselves in the name of health and spirituality.

In other news:

Silas got sent to the principals office today.  He hit his SEA and him, his SEA and his teacher all went to talk to the principal.  I’m glad they took it seriously and treated him like they would any child in the school.  I’m glad he didn’t hurt her either.  Sometimes he REALLY hurts.

He ate a tuna salad sandwich today!!!!  Oh. My. GOODNESS.

Silas eating fish?  Silas eating something with mayo in it?  Silas eating 4 ingredients mixed together?  Are you kidding me?  Tuna, mayo, pickles and onions.  He LOVED it!  Afterward I felt guilty and told him there was mayo in it and he was like “I really liked it!!!”.  Phew.  Goodness gracious I’m so happy he ate something like that.

I kind of have a pet peeve about picky eaters.  I’m sorry if you are one but I guess I just don’t understand it.  There really isn’t much I will not eat….aside from creepy ethnic food where they eat chicken feet or a baby chicken in an egg….blech.  I love food, I love different tastes, I want my kids to enjoy all kinds of food.  Silas will not.  I’m not annoyed by him.  I NEVER force a food on him but I always suggest….suggest suggest suggest.  He’s slllllooooowwwwlllllllllyyyyy coming around.  Very very very slllloooowwwwllllly.  Like the other day he ate noodles and sauce because I said it was pizza sauce!  Smart me.

Ok, I’m off to tidy the kitchen before the husband gets here….make it look like I actually did something today 🙂

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