Poor Cleo

Yikes, my arms are so sore from holding Cleo down to get her nails trimmed.  She wasn’t happy about her one back foot being done and she got the entire population of the grooming salon going.    I love her gigantic woof though, it’s just so funny.

She peed on their floor too.  I think that might be why her old people didn’t want her anymore…other than the fact that they tapped her babymaker out at only three years old, she pees when she’s scared or upset.  They obviously abused and neglected this poor darling of a dog so I’m sure she peed everywhere all the time.

Brent once got pretty mad at her for eating a bunch of diapers and making a mess…she peed….we learned our lesson.  She needs gentle guidance.  Poor Cleo.

snuggled up beside me right now...good thing she doesn't hold a grudge.

At night Brent and I are always entertained by her.  She’s absolutely ridiculous looking.  Long sausage body, short stubby legs, gigantic feet, long tail, saggy skin, massive floppy ears.  She’s everything to the extreme and it’s just funny.

Ohhhh how I could go on and on about my sweet little hound dog…we love her so.

So I need to really get back to cleaning.  I wanna have things sparkling for my husband when he gets home.  I’m gunna put him to work this weekend on finishing the boy’s room so I guess I should create a clean platform for him to do it all.

Have a great weekend folks.  See you Monday!


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