Loosey Goosey Poopy Poopies

Brent is bold and I’m Italics.

I just don’t get why they don’t have someone on the moon right now.


Because they should have someone on the moon right now

Do they usually have someone on the moon?

They really should have someone there.

Why would they need someone on the moon??

To prove that they actually CAN put someone there!

K how the heck did you get on this subject all of a sudden?

It’s on the news!! You obviously aren’t paying attention

ummm I’m working on my blog.

You just don’t get me…


K that didn’t have anything to do with loose poop…so lets move on.
When my kids take a dump, it’s not like they take a regular poop that I can flick off into the toilet or anything (like the diaper box tells you to do).  Most of their poops are the consistancy of oatmeal or runnier…sometimes stickier than oatmeal..kinda tar like.

People think it might be because I give them oodles of fiber.  But fiber is supposed to even out your poops.  If your poo is runny then it soaks up all the water…that’s what fiber does, it soaks up water which either soften or thickens your poops.  Makey sensey?

Anyway, I’m seriously considering that there’s something not right going on here.  No one should have poops that are so loose.  Ikey’s today had mucous all in it…oh ya and it ran down his leg…and I have to wash a big chunk of it down the drain in the tub and it sat in the drain and slowly broke up…yum.

I wonder if it’s an issue with milk?

I dunno.  Alls I know is that it’s just not right.  Not right at all.  It’s messy, it escapes, I hate it.  I’m sure my kids don’t like it much either.

Think it’s doctor time???  I dunno what to do.

Okay I’m really tired.  I slept horribly last night for some odd reason.  My house is a mess and Alesha will be here soon..I still have make up smudges under my eyes and there’s an indent of the couch on my rump.  Okay Leah…up up up up up.

And you’re welcome for the overshare…it’s my specialty.

Please overwhelm me with comments of advice.



  1. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog, and I don’t nomally comment when I’m lurking 🙂 but because this very same issue has plagued me in recent years, I feel prompted to send out my teensy bits of life experience wisdom. I’m thinking it’s the milk. Lactose = mucus-y loose stool. And I’d be willing to put money on it that switching to something non-lactose will solve the poop issues. And I’d like to know if I’m right…so keep us posted, hey 😉

  2. I would have to agree. give the no milk a try!

    it’s so hard to digest, so even more for tots!

    good luck!

    love the moon convo… me n hubs do that too sometimes! sometimes WERE on different planets!
    (cuz I don’t pay attention to the news!)


  3. I’ve got nothing for you on the loose poops


    I just watched your video blogs and is reminded me of why I enjoyed you as a friend in college.


    You’re a pretty lady.

    That is all.

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