Sitting here in a foggy haze….sooo sleeeeeepy.

I miss my bed.

Silas was a grouchy pants today and I wanted to stick him in the basement.  But I don’t have one.

The table still has dishes from breakfast and lunch on it.  I should clean that up.

I really want a doggy…but I’m scared.

I’m having a hard time finding something fun and inspiring to say today because I’m a grouchy bum.

Father’s day was fun we made hubby a mug :).

I buffed my nails yesterday and they’re shiny!  I never take care of my nails.

I have so many awesome ideas for when I move my blog.  It’s in the pre-design phases…get ready for awesomeness!!

That’s it….tell me YOUR blurps.


  1. I agree about the doggy. I want one too but I know I don’t feel like dealing with one right now. I have many blurps. Daily. o_O

    Where is your blog moving???

  2. Regnier191 / Forse unleashed 2 was ditispoinsang. There were not enough boss battles, the story was average and draged on and on about Juno, you go through level after level not doing much but kill stormtroopers with no sense of meaning other than they are in your way and the environments were not as fantastic as in TFU1 and the game was FAR too short. Combat has been improved but i hope they do better with TFU3

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