Nuts and Bolts

I am SO excited, tomorrow our Behavioral Consultant comes to our house and gives our entire group of family and friends a talk on autism.  I love how she goes above and beyond and I love how she involves the entire family.  It’s so great.

We had a meeting on Saturday too, Kim, the trainer and soon-to-be one of Silas’ BI’s came to our house and began our training.  We all get trained to do therapy with Silas too.  It’s really cool.  Jennie and Leanne joined us here and then some other family members joined us on the interwebs because we broadcast it.  We’ll be broadcasting our family meeting tomorrow night so if I’ve forgotten to invite you and you wanna join in then let me know and i’ll give you details…as long as you’re not a STRANGER!

I’m so glad for this to all be underway!!  Now it’s time to find a speech therapist because we aint waiting another TWO YEARS to get one free from the government.  No sirree.  That’s redunckulous!!

Annnnnyway, I need to get cleaning and perhaps do some baking for tomorrow night.  A lot of people are joining us so I wanna feed them.  I love feeding people.  Seriously folks, when we actually have extra money to spend I so want to be the person who feeds people all the time, open doors.  Just not yet…unless you’re buying.

Oh yes, I wrote down this little conversation the other night cuz I thought it was funny.  I want to get some nuts and bolts for the kids to thread (with supervision) for their fine motor skills.  Jill told me to do it…and I might just make her give me more ideas…or make her blog about these sorts of ideas.

Anyway, first things first…I asked Brent…who’s mind was elsewhere I guess.

Me Brent

do you have big nuts and bolts?

(in a sleezy deep man voice) ohhhhh yeah…what can I do for you? How can I suit your fancy??

no like…I mean real nuts and bolts

oh…no not really…

Why do men’s minds always go THERE??  Ha ha ha…actually mine always does too…that’s what you get for having the siblings that I have.  🙂

Anyway, now I’m waiting to see if anyone on freecycle has some for me…do you have some for me???  I’ll take cute photos of my kids playing with them!!!


  1. Did you tell Aunty Jill that I had Ikey threading buttons (the tiny little men’s shirt ones) with a real needle? He’s already a pro. And he doesn’t even cry when he stabs himself! I’m such a good Aunty.

  2. This is my son’s video I made for him…

    Its on youTube under Clarke’s Story. I am a Mom of two boys. Clarke who is 6yrs and Charlie who is 2yrs.

    I understand the wondering if each child feels equal. I started Clarke’s FloorTime ABA at 2yrs and continued until he was 5. I was able to devote most of my attention to just him until Charlie came into the world.

    Would Charlie wonder what all the fuss was oer Clarke. Why he didn’t need extra attention. Why he was treated different.

    Then in a much different way and at much later time than my first experience with autism, Charlie started waving red flags. He also had autism. Now close to three I am entering the world all over again but in a different battle. Charlie’s Battle.

    So do I wonder if they both feel the same anymore? No. I have TWO amazing and special little boys.

    Thanks for this site….I was referred by a friend. I will be visiting often and sharing lots.


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