It Hurts It Hurts!!

Sweet sweet nap time.  Glorious.

So I’ve been in a bit of pain lately that I’ve been blaming on my sciatic nerve.  I started really thinking about it the other day and realized that the pain isn’t from that at all.  At least I don’t think so because it’s not hurting me in the usual sciatic way.  I’m kind of frightened because there’s this disease that runs in my family called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a kind of arthritis.  It effects the spine as well as many other parts of the body.  It’s a big pain in the butt.  My dad has it and so does my sister.  Google it if you want to know more.  It’s pretty awful.  Like it effects the eyes, heart, lungs, ribs, kidneys…etc.  Also you end up with stomach problems from taking anti inflammatories.  It sucks.  I feel deeply awful for anyone who has it.

Tomorrow I see the doc as a follow up to my anti depressant stuff so I’ll get him to give me the blood test and we’ll see.  My last doctor sent me for blood tests and told me I don’t have anything, he also never called me when the urine test revealed I had a bladder infection I didn’t know about…which turned really ugly.  ANYWAY, my doctor I have now whom I love looked at the tests the other doc ran and NONE of them were for arthritis, he just sent me for some obscure test to shut me up…how weird is that??  He kept saying I was too young to have arthritis…but HELLOOOOO my dad and my sister both got theirs in their early early 20’s!!  Gosh I hate dumb doctors.

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s just sciatica (which hurts something awful too!) but it’s good to know NOW instead of all the hundreds of people out there with this disease that get improperly diagnosed.  I need to start exercising to make the pain go away.  At this point I can’t sit forward in a chair very easily, it hurts pretty bad.  I think I might even down a naproxen today.

But ya, I’ve always had joint issues, for years…exercise is the best thing.  I need to REALLY start getting strong and flexible…it’s the best thing for me.

ANNNYWAY.  Tonight is the family meeting and I’m BEYOND stoked!!  I’m just excited to have the whole family come together for Silas and get everyone on the same page.  I’m also very excited to pray afterward.  I don’t talk much about my faith on here because I just want to remain neutral in that area.  Prayer has really helped us in this area though, especially the despair surrounding the autism.  I’m just excited for a group of people coming together for this cause and drawing upon a higher power to guide us and support us through this new adventure.  Luckily our team is made up mostly of Christians so they’re very open to the whole idea.

Silas enjoyed another therapy session today.  We’re still getting used to this whole therapy thing.  Alesha is incredibly googley over my kids and they both really love her.  Ikey calls her Seesha.  So cute.  Anyway, there’s a lot of things to get used to.  Silas has a lot of things to work on and now he’s having strangers in his room trying to get him to do things he might not always want to do.  They try their best to make it fun though.  Ikey’s getting used to being down here with me even when he wants to be playing with “Seesha” and Silas.  I’m just getting used to having people in my house like this.  It’s kind of odd to me, but I like it.  I can’t complain!!  It’s just weeeeiiiirrrd.  But good.  Silas is going to learn so much.  I love how enthusiastic “Seesha” is about Silas too.  She cannot get over how smart he is….well neither can any of us.

Cuz seriously…it was only in November when he first started recognising his letters….and only in November where he learned their sounds.  Eight months later Silas read The Very Hungry Caterpiller to “Seesha” today and she told me he didn’t make one mistake.  And no, he’s hasn’t memorized that book, we’ve only read it a handful of times.  He read it to her last week and she had to help him with a few words but this week he’s got it.

I’m glad I got downstairs before Silas this morning because he might have seen this:


Umm…I was amazing at playing Yahtzee….I promise!!  It’s little things like this, though, that can make my morning that much better.  I love my husband.


  1. I love to play Yahtzee (only around Lucas we say Coloring like they do on the Sex in the City movie 🙂 ) I totally understand the whole be careful the 4 year old might read it thing- mine is the same way too. We can buy him beginner reader books and never one time read them to him and he reads the entire book outloud- gotta love it!

  2. You need to have a blood exam called HBL27 and that will tell u if you have AS or not I do and it’s not funny it is truly a pain…. And what pain….

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