Ahhhh what a busy day, just getting to blogging now…gosh am I too late??  I’m feeling that way.

Last night we had a family meeting put on by Silas’ Behavior Consultant and it went really well…aside from my chilren flipping out numerous times throughout.  AHH.  Anyway, we learned a lot about autism and how autism worked and I think we also all came to an understanding that it takes ALL of us to help Silas, not just therapists, not just Brent and I but everyone around him.

It truely does take a community to raise a child.  I’m SO proud of the community surrounding my son.

I got my special blood tests for arthritis today.  They took 4 massive vials of blood.  I almost think the lady was a vampire and she took an extra one for a snack.  But I can’t complain seeing as though I LIKE having my blood taken.  They always think I’m such a weirdo as I sit there and watch and say “ooooo pretty”.  They say usually people can’t even watch.  I really need to donate blood.  Bring it onnnn!  Maybe I’ll get a funny head rush then along with saying “ooooo pretty”

Tonight we had another meeting, we’re training for doing therapy for Silas.  Pretty much they’ve introduced us to all their tools that they use so we can implement them in our own lives.  I’d love to get trained further though, I feel like I should be an expert on this stuff myself.  Although I’m also feeling apathetic to it all because it’s so overwhelming, I do want to take some courses on ABA therapy…specifically the type they’re using for my son and NOT Lovaas.

I was brave today, I let the kinds finger paint…

I loved how the paint looked on Isaac's hand
I loved how the paint looked on Isaac's hand


he was pretty proud of it too
he was pretty proud of it too
you can just SEE the creative juices flowing...ha ha
you can just SEE the creative juices flowing...ha ha

They went STRAIGHT in to the shower after that.

Okay I’m exhausted.  I’m going away now.  Night night all!!  I’m not even going to edit this…I can’t focus…ahh.


  1. Great Post!

    I totally understand about the Vampires. I had to do weekly blood tests weekly after I had a blood clot and they always had a hard time.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m following you on Twitter.

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