The Best Tub Cleaner

is already siting in your tub…I kid you not.  I discovered it the other day!

Lets start from the beginning shall we?

Those of you that have been to my house have most likely seen the atrociousness that is my bathtub.  It kind of made me a tad faint the day we first looked at this house and I looked in the tub.  The bottom of it has no enamel anymore and it was stained a shade very near to black.

I’ve soaked that tub in a bunch of different things, trying to get the ugliness to not be so ugly.  I don’t care much about it seeing it WILL be replaced when my husband decides to get around to it.  I usually take a SOS pad to it and that at least makes it easy to clean…but the bottom is always black.

SO here’s where it gets exciting.  The other day Ikey and I had finished in the shower and we left it a mess…I think I took him out in a hurry cuz he was mad or I was just lazy…whatever the case, a lone shampoo bottle lay on the bottom of the tub, leaking slowly.

The next day when I went to shower I noticed that the bottom of my tub had a clean spot…like a non black spot…in the shape of the shampoo ooze.  That night I tried another spot and let it sit and washed it away…another spotless area that used to be almost black…k not really…greyish brownish….GROSS….but now clean.

So that night I got to it.  I put a nice layer of shampoo all over my tub and left it there for almost 24 hours and when I turned on the shower to rinse it off, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The bottom of my tub is clean….the sides are so shiny that I can almost see myself in it.  This is ONE CLEAN TUB!  It doesn’t look clean until you wash it all away.

I’ve taken everything to that tub!!!  Shampoo (specifically Rusk) seriously made it spotless, the next best thing was an sos pad which causes me to sweat and grunt and get sore elbows.  This took me 3 minutes from start to finish…well plus the 24 hour waiting period.

So, I’m wondering if cheap shampoos would work.  Those of you that subject your hair to such awful things such as drug store shampoo should try it in your tub and see if it gets it clean.  I kinda doubt it works as well because drug store shampoo is way watered down…then thickened with salt…neither of those things are helpful in this matter.  But their PH is higher and they also have stronger soap agents in them (because they’re cheap and they don’t actually care about your hair BTW…the plastic in the conditioner is what makes you think your hair feels healthy and soft…yes it’s plastic).

K I totally went off on a tangent there….sorry.

Anyway, please try it and tell me how it worked and what kind of shampoo you used.  I don’t mind using my Rusk because I got a gallon of it for 15 bucks during a mega sale at the warehouse I shop at *sigh* I love having my hairdressing license ha ha.

I’m pretty sure this works so well because the shampoo is a gel that stays put for a very long time, it’s doesn’t have a lot of water in it so it’s more concentrated soap.

I swear this works, and it’s super super easy…there’s nothing better out there I assure you!!  Try it!!

In other news….I have cute kids!!

snuggle time in Ikey's crib.  Silas asked to join.
snuggle time in Ikey's crib. Silas asked to join. we NOT look alike?? holy cow. we NOT look alike?? holy cow.
I wondered how long he'd still sleep like this...I love it.  I found Silas sleeping just like this last night so we still have lots of time ha ha.
I wondered how long he'd still sleep like this...I love it. I found Silas sleeping just like this last night so we still have lots of time ha ha.
ha ha ha
ha ha ha
oooo those little feetsies.
oooo those little feetsies.

Anyway, I must GO!!  AHHHH we’re leaving to go to my mom’s in like an hour and I haven’t started packing.  Dangit I suck!!


  1. Your kids ARE cute! How did you get yourself into that crib? Can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to do that but am afraid the whole thing will collapse under my weight.

    This is interesting. I’m going to run it by a friend who is a baubiologist and very familiar with the chemical make-up of personal care products, because the first thing I thought while reading it is: If this shampoo can clean my tub, what’s in it and is it safe to use on my head?! But, maybe it’s the natural ingredients doing the job? You seem to know a lot about hair care products, so I’m sure it’s must be safe if you’re using it.

    Isn’t it the greatest feeling ever to find an answer completely by accident? I imagine that’s how a lot of discoveries are made! Glad you found your answer! I’ll have to give it a shot myself!

  2. Hey if that isn’t just one of the best cleaning stories…I love it, and I’m certain you love it more. Thanks for the great pic of the boys and you…a handsome bunch you are.

  3. So, I want to know if anyone else has actually tried it. Our tub is horrible. I, unfortunately, soaked it in muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) and it ate the finish. I have no idea what to do. No finish, pitty and icky water make for a very dirty looking tub. sigh

  4. I just want to say that it worked wonderful. I was cleaning my shower doors and couldn’t get them clean so I used toilet bowl cleaner on them and it left terrible steaks in my tub that I was terribly embarrassed about. I used every cleaner on the market, and vinegar and baking soda, nothing took out the stains.
    I came across your page and went right in and tried it. I used Nexus because I had some samples that I received in the mail that I hadn’t used yet. I was so excited about it that I couldn’t wait the 24 hours, so I did it this morning and by the time it was time to take baths tonight I rinsed it out and was totally shocked at how it got the stains out.
    There were no more nasty streaks, no more rust or hard water stains.
    Thank you so much. I have spent several hundred dollars on cleaning product that do nothing, now I will use shampoo ever time.

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