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Yes folks, it’s time for another episode of my vlogging.  You’re excited right??  I am.  Mostly because this time I kicked butt!!  I figured out how the new imovie worked and I totally kicked it’s butt and added all these cool effects, you’re so going to be amazed by my amazingness.

What’s wicked awesome about the new imovie is you can upload directly to your youtube account from it, saving time and frustrations.  I’m full of glee.  I think I was more myself on this vlog.

Now we wait for it to upload….*whistles*

Yay it’s done!!  It hasn’t processed but I’m putting it up anyway!! Hopefully it’ll go quickly!

you’re welcome


  1. K so I’m really impressed with my special effects…especially the sound fitting in so well at the end, that sound didn’t just come along with that funny star thing at the end…they just fit well…woooot. What to vlog about next?

  2. Impressive! I feel like we just went for coffee 🙂 Wouldnt that be nice hey, you look so good Leah! Just as i remember you but more mature and beautiful. Anyways… im really glad u went to see your gramma, when mine was in the home and real sick, i couldnt bear to go and now that shes gone i regret not going so ya, good on you! And before i go i gotta say that u funny! damn u made me laugh on this vlog… cant wait for the next one, see you soon

  3. Holy crap woman!! You scared the crap outta my kid!! Me on the other hand…. I’m laughing my butt off!! He was standing next to me and you started cackling and he ran to the other side of the room and then looked back at you and then me and then you and then me. He was probably wondering why I was laughing so hard. He really watched you when you were showing how Ikey cried. Can’t wait to watch more.

  4. Hey thanks for dropping by and actually leaving a comment! It was nice to get one finally! lol…..

    I am curious how you made your way to my blog so be sure to let me know. Thanks.

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