DONT Drink and Dial!!

Drunk caller


Is geenette there? (I have no idea what name he really said…it sounded like that though)



sorry you have the wrong number

Is Geenette there?

no one lives here by that name

What’s your dad’s name?

I’m actually the mother in this household.

What’s your husband’s name?



Can I help you with something?

Can you help me…

I’m pretty sure you have the wrong #, there’s seriously no one by that name here.

Alright, I love you


How crazy is that??  I laughed so hard after.  What a nut job.  I almost want to call that number back today and make sure his hangover isn’t too bad.

Anyway, last night I was reading Isaac this book and he was being SO cute that I had to film it.  He kept saying NO when he should have been saying yes…anyway…you’ll see…

Oh ya…we played air guitar after…

So my body is revolting against my couch potato-ness and it’s HURTING ME!!!  I did go for a very long walk with the boys yesterday.  We have these BEAUTIFUL nature trails really close by and walking in the forest in the lower mainland is just unreal.  The forests are SO lush.  We ate wild raspberries (which weren’t that great actually…but Silas loved them) and just slowly walked along.

Ikey took his time because he had to stop every two seconds and talk to a bug, or pick up a rock or a stick.  Silas had to keep stopping so we’d catch up.  We stopped for lunch by a creek and by the time the walk was over the kids were SO done.  Two hour walk!!

Anyway, the back is sore today…the sciatic is sore too…DANGIT.  Soooo I tried stretching things out and then it hurt LOTS.   I don’t hurt when I am more active so I think for this week I’ll do a yoga vid every day and limber myself up a bit then I’ll start doing tai bo, yoga, and pilates vids alternating during nap time.  Lets see if I actually stick with that.  But right now I am going to do yoga…cuz it hurts it hurts it hurts!!!


  1. Have you tried Traumeel cream ever? Its a WONDERFUL homeopathic anti-inflammatory, and I have loved it for my lower back during this pregnancy. 🙂

  2. You can use it for anything…sore knees, stiff muscles. I’m pretty sure they sell it at Shopper’s Drug Mart, but I got it from our local pharmacy that also carries lots of natural alternatives. I don’t think its that hard to find…

    There’s also internal stuff that they offer but I’ve never tried anything other than the cream. (It was about $40 a tube…but it lasts forever!)

  3. How did I miss watching this before? So cute. That’s the “dude seriously” pluck he does at the end of the video. Not sure how it started, but he thinks it’s hilarious.

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