Moving Day

The men are hard at work as we speak. My brother in law Terry’s back is wet….he says it’s because it’s raining but it’s not. Silas came home from a walk with Auntie Leanne and was looking around wondering what was happening to his world. I hope he doesn’t cry when he wakes up and sees his universe is gone. I’ve been supervising as I need to be here for Ike. Everything is almost out of my house, it’s too weird. Another chapter closes. We’ll stay here tonight and then move the rest of the stuff that we need for the next month over to J’s house tomorrow. It’s really bitter sweet leaving here, I like my apartment. I know I’ll get over it when I get into my townhouse. It’s just the month waiting period that’s not going to be the most comfortable for us but such is life. I can’t wait to see my kids growing up in our townhouse, I have no idea how long we’ll be there but it seems like it’s going to be a happy place for the time we are there. In this market, people with our income need to fix places up and sell them for profit before we can actually afford a house. Man, if it were three years ago we’d be able to have a house for what we paid for the town house. 5 years ago we could have afforded a nice house. It’s annoying. Wrong place wrong time, oh well. Anyway, I suppose I should make myself useful. I will be without internet from tomorrow until next thursday. I’ll try and get somewhere to blog. I’m going to feel incredibly disconnected from the world. No phone, no internet. I hope I can get cable hooked up before that.

PS Silas shocked himself yesterday.  He unplugged an alarm clock and I said “no no” and plugged it back in.  Being his rebellious self, he unplugged it part way and then touched the metal prong, silly kid.  Perhaps he’ll learn that no means no?  That earned a soother time for him though, being shocked really is one of the worser feelings one can feel in the minor injuries department.  It shakes you up.  I thought a soother was a good idea.  Speaking of soothers, (this is becoming a long PS) I’ve realized that I can swaddle Ike with a soother in his mouth and a blanket around his mouth to hold the soother in and he goes to sleep by himself.  So that would make life easier on me.  Now is it harder to avoid the soother or to wean a person from the soother?  I’m thinking it needs to be embraced, even though I so don’t wanna go there.  Any thoughts?


  1. Well, it’s pouring rain right now, so good thing we got our walk in this morning! Ahh, Silas. He looked so lost when we came back from our walk. Poor thing – I gave him lots of hugs on our walk this morning.
    About the soother – I am ALL for them. I think that whatever comforts a baby can have in his life, he should have. I honestly can’t see what the harm would be. Sure, it’s a little tough to wean them from it…but I’ve never seen a teenager walking around with a soother…

  2. Ivan Plett and his cousin Josh each still had their soothers when they were 4 and 5yrs. and one day they were overheard agreeing that they would give themup that evening, and they did. Its very unlikly Silas will have it past 3yrs. Yes weaning fr. it is hard but fr. my experience not as hard as not using it now as needed. Moving ? I’m thinking about you and Brent almost constantly today, and I pray the adjustment will not be too hard on everyone. I will miss your blog muchly.

  3. I admit, I’m hoping that by soother you mean pacifier. The arguments go back and forth about how long should children use them, should they even be allowed to use them blah blah blah… I can only share my experience. My son had one until he was 14 months or so. When he started taking a nap without one we just took it away. Evenings were a little grumpy but he took to looking at books in bed instead. Later I sneak in and take the book out from underneath him. He just turned 2 and now when he sees one he tries to give it the infant who dropped it. 🙂

    I agree, I wouldn’t worry to much. When they’re ready to give it up they do.

  4. I think (remember, mine isn’t here yet!!!) that any change in a kids life will be met with difficulty, and if you two aren’t fighting over the soother, it will be about something else.

    I’ve got my soothers packed and ready to take to the hospital. It was my sister’s experience that after the baby first nurses and goes to sleep, that she doesn’t really want to eat after that – she just wants something in her mouth. She (my sister) found that she was able to get a bit of sleep herself if she offered the soother to her newborns. This is probably the road I will take if our baby seems fussy. I know that breaking the soother habit will be hard, but I’m sure that we’ll all live through it!

  5. Ya I think I’ll do the soother. I just think that Silas will have a soother longer if Ike has one because I don’t think it’s fair to wean Silas when he doesn’t understand why his little brother gets one. It makes life easier and it’ll give me more hands free time to be able to chill out with Silas and get things done. I guess I’m opting for it. I couldn’t believe he fell asleep on his own with it. I think rocking a baby to sleep takes up way too much time in the day.

  6. I chose not to use a soother and have never regretted it. If you do want to wean Silas before Ike, you’ll probably be successful in explaining that the soother is for babies and he’s “a big boy now” – that’s how my friends have done it.

    Love the picture at the top of your blog – how tender!

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