My Feeble Attempt at Not Being Chicken

Some of you know that I’m a musician.  About 5 years ago I played a show at my old Bible College and I let a few negative comments to get to me.  I was totally broken up about it and I just let myself believe that I suck and it’s pointless to play for people.

Being on stage makes me the most elated ever.  It’s home for me, it the best place on Earth for me.  Seriously.  I love with with all of my heart.  The bestest ever.

So I’ve been on this writers block, I haven’t picked up my guitar much in 6 years.  I’m feeling inspired for some reason.  I guess cuz I realize I don’t do a lot of things that I want to because I’m a chicken.

Anyway, I opened a new youtube account for my tunes and I only have one on there so I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s a pretty sad song, I wont give you the background on it but ya, I wasn’t abandoned by my dad, the song makes it sound like that though.  I think I wrote it when I was 17.  Keep in mind I haven’t really played my guitar in about 6 years.

Tell me what you think!  And yes mom…I know there’s a wrong note 🙂 he he


  1. I’ve been quietly following your blog for about a year now. And though I almost never leave comments, I have to say it’s cool as hell to see you stand up and “thbbbbbbt” your critics.

    That song was well done, and I hope you keep sitting on that chicken because I’d very much like to see more of the same.

  2. Beautiful, Leah. Keep expressing yourself. I hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel. (There is one, even though I hate to admit it myself sometimes.)

  3. Leah, This is Rick, not Linda. I’ve owned a guitar for 23 years now and you play way better than me! Not only that but your voice is way sexier than mine! (I only do Elvis songs). Keep it up!

  4. Hi Leah, This is Linda, not Rick. He’s right about everything he just said. We all enjoyed your song. Great work, girlfriend. I don’t have a single thing from when I was 17. What a great gift you have and the guts to put it out there. Yaaaay YOU!

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