My Last Day of My Twenties

Today is my last day of my twenties.  I felt like I should finish it with doing something completely immature but then I realized that already happened last week with two of my friends a “few” tequila shots.  SO I’m glad that’s over with and I can treat today like any other day.

Turning 30 certainly makes you feel reflective though.  I remember wondering where I would be when I’m 30 and here I am!  I am nothing like I thought I would be.  Well…kinda.  I mean…I was expecting to be much richer but who doesn’t expect that?

My twenties were a roller coaster and some of you have been with me for most of them.  I got engaged, married, became a mother, became a hairdresser, stopped being a hairdresser, bought a house, got a dog and a few birds and lots of fish and a hamster named Lola and almost bought a snake but then I didn’t.  I saw my son through the hardest part of his journey with autism, I made new friends and recently reconnected with old, I got to be on TV a lot (there was more TV I’ve been on but I will never tell you about it…even though it was really cool….unless I know you…then I’ll tell you…but then you already know…….).   A bunch of other crazy stuff also happened.

What I can be thankful for is that I’m going into my 30’s with my eyes open wider than they ever been, my heart having more love than it’s ever had, my wisdom deeper than it’s ever been, my knowledge greater, my acceptance and tolerance of people exponentially greater, my sense of self stronger and my hair longer than it’s ever been…I’m not even joking.  My hair is really long right now.  I’ve always wanted it at least to my bossoms and now it’s lower even!

Here’s to 30!  Have a drink for me tomorrow because I might not have one…it keeps my fat in all my places.  I hate fat in my places.




  1. Sounds like you’re okay about becoming 30…….I know you’ve heard it before but it really is just a number and the more important thing is what you talked about……growing as person…….yes you would not have chosen some of the growth agents……but here you are stronger and liking yourself even more……blessings to you Leah.

  2. You havs a good attitude about entering your 30s! Having just entered a new decade myself, I celebrated my last day being 39 instead of my first day being 40. I went a little crazy when I turned 30, my son was 2 and not talking. I entered my 40s in a much calmer manner 🙂

    And that TV time you won’t talk about? It’s Girl’s Gone Wild, right???

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