When Pinterest Goes Wrong

Pinterest is inspiring, addicting, educational, thought provoking, self esteem ruining, self esteem helping, amazing and sometimes even a total disaster.

I’ve been a part of Pinterest for a while and go through phases of pinning and complete avoidance.  I find that it can be very shallow on there.  I get annoyed at some of the health things where they’re like “imagine how much more he will love you when you’re skinny” type posts.  Or “how to spot reduce the fat on your knee cap”…isn’t it proven that we can’t spot reduce?  Like 20 years ago?

Anyway.  I’ve put some things to the test and I thought you should know the results…

This morning I was all geared up to try this one:

 Microwave_Minute_MuffinThis here is a minute microwave muffin that’s full of good ingredients like oatmeal, egg, rice milk, stevia, berries.  It looks AMAZING.  I would be oh so happy if I could make a healthy breakfast muffin in a minute.  I was nothing less than stoked to try it this morning.  I already had all the ingredients, pinterest was going to rock my morning.  I followed the directions to a T!

IMG_8193NAILED IT!!!!  I thought I could ask Isaac to try it for me but I didn’t want to wreck my child.  It’s still sitting on the plate in my kitchen because it’s kind of too amazing to just throw away.  I need to find a use for it.  I wonder if the birds would like it…

Completely unrelated…I have eggs with spinach and onion for breakfast this morning.

Next major failure was the homemade pore strips.  We all know how expensive those are to buy.  I was captivated by the promises posed by the person who came up with this.  I bought my knox gelatin and set to work on the recipe.  

how-to-pore-strips1I got this concoction spread all over my face and let it set.  I was eager to peel it off because I love picking and peeling things.  I couldn’t wait to see my pores all clean!!  The problem was that when I went to peel it off, it felt like my face was coming with it.  The only reason my face was baby soft after was that it took the top two layers off as well as any hair.  My pores looked the same and it was INCREDIBLY painful to peel off.  I think I eventually gave up and washed it off.  That stuff was STUCK.  Stuck all up on my face parts.

Perhaps the lady who came up with this has no facial hair and tougher skin than me…perhaps the people who commented on the blog saying how AMAZING it was were actually trolls.  Perhaps I did it wrong….but just to make sure I didn’t do it wrong I did try it again with the same result.  Then I thought why the hell did I try this again???

Anyway…sorry to the people that made those things up…and it’s not your fault that people on Pinterest went nuts about it.  But seriously…wtf?


  1. OMG Thank you for that!!!! I’m reading it on my phone so scrolling down from the before to the after was totally awesome. And I’ve used a pore strip exactly once. I didn’t want to find out if I was doing it wrong. I had already used up all the swear words.
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