My Little Helper

Isaac is in that stage where he wants to do everything that Mommy does.  And I’m still in the phase where I think it’s cute.  It hasn’t gotten annoying yet.

Chores are very serious business for that boy, he puts on his serious face, chips in and works his little heiny off helping me.  What he doesn’t realize is that he’s more getting in my way than anything.  But who can say no to that adorable face?

So if I’m wiping that means he has to help, be it wiping the table, Silas’ bum, his own bum, MY bum (he demands his own bit of paper to “help” me), etc etc.  And if I’m sweeping he needs to hold the dust pan which he uses to mess up my pile and then he’ll eat bits of food out of the pile before I can stop him.  So helpful hey?

It’s just so cute to see him so serious and so busy.  He’s even cleaning when I’m not cleaning.  He’s always wiping, emptying drawers to refill them again.  Very important stuff.  I love it.

It’s interesting because Silas never did that at all.  It’s so much fun to see how Ikey is just so stinking NORMAL.  Gotta love not having to worry about that boy.


  1. I know how you feel about being so excited at how normal one of your kids is. There are actually a lot of things my one year old can do that my 3 year old is still not capable of doing. It makes me happy to know that it could have been worse, both of my kids could have been affected by the same thing. I love to see the progress my 3 year old is making, but I also love to see my one year old having no problems doing anything!

  2. I remember when my first was in the ‘mommy’s little helper’ stage. I thought, this is great. Just wait until she’s old enough to be of real use, then I’m set. Little did I know that their enthusiasm for cleaning is directly in reverse proportion to their success at it. The very moment they become effective, they lose complete interest.

    But it is still cute.

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