My Nose Hurts

Silas and I collided heads two days and unfortunately for me but lucky for him, his hard hard skull hit my soft, delicate nose.  I’ve never had a swollen nose before this…I don’t think.  I don’t think it’s broken but wow he sure hit me hard.  It’s a little bruised too and verrrrry tender.  I’m just happy he didn’t do it out of anger, we were both just going for the same ball.

Silas’ attitude is calming down again…thank the Lord God Almighty!  I don’t think it’s any one thing that I do, it’s just about helping him get through his phase that he needs to go through.  Getting him loads of exercise is great while he’s playing around but once it’s over, he goes back to being angry.  I hope I can be the kind of parent he needs to be able to work through his frustration issues.  He feels his feelings very strongly, that can be used for a lot of good things.  I just can’t imagine what Silas would turn out to be like if he had really bad parents.

He’s sitting on my lap right now watching this:

You really should check out all of the animusic videos, they’re really really cool and my kids just love them to bits.

I just want to mention one more thing, if you feel like you’ve been wanting to donate some money and you don’t know where or what, I have a really cool link for you.  My MIL’s cousin Joyce (my cousin in law??)  makes these bags that she sells to raise money for Darfur.  I’ve mentioned them before.  Anyway, right now she’s auctioning off her bags, one a day for I don’t know how long.  The bidding ends at 6:30 which is Manitoba time…I dunno what you’d call it.  Yesterday’s bag sold for $500 bucks but don’t let that scare you, I’m not too sure if it’ll go THAT high each time but it would be very cool if it did.  Anyway, if you think that’s something you’d want to do then click here and start bidding!!  Today’s bag is called Out of Africa and it’s lovely.  The bidding is at $55 right now.  There’s more photos on the site.

Also don’t forget to keep you eye on my sister’s Bag’s for Zaza.  They’re still one for sale which is really cute (especially in person) and once there’s a fresh batch, they don’t last long!!  Make sure to get one!  I’m going to go over again soon and help her design them and hopefully cut them out better this time…I’m awful at cutting things out properly…ha ha ha.  Who WOULDN’T want a bag designed by yours truly??  Courtenay got a custom one designed by moi that she’s proudly displaying on her blog right now.  Gosh I’m babbling today….

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