Bloggy Cleanse Fest Extravaganza

Wow, I came on here and then I got distracted by other web sites.  Since I’m getting close to weaning Ikey I’m in the market for a good cleanse.  I’m pretty much decided on the Master Cleanse because it’s cheap and I like the idea of fasting for many reasons.  I think that fasting helps you purge your body of toxins, it is also a great lesson in discipline and self-control, I also like the idea of just letting your body take a rest from eating all that junk and letting your stomach shrink back down so you feel full faster, I also think it helps you get rid of your cravings by not eating the foods you are addicted to , you also get to lose a bunch of weight which you most likely will gain back but hopefully because I’m trying to lose weight anyway…it’ll stay off somewhat.

The Master Cleanse is the one where you don’t eat anything but this warm lemon juice, cayanne and pure maple syrup mixture.  It’s actually quite tasty I think.  At night you drink some laxative tea and in the morning you do a salt water flush which almost made me die the first time I tried it…it was intense…and frightening.

I’ve done the Master Cleanse once but my hairdressing instructor was pestering me SO much about it that I didn’t last long.  I’d like to do it at least 10 days once I wean Ike-aroni.

I was thinking about doing the DrNatura cleanse but after reading more independent reviews of it, it seemed like a waste of money.  It just didn’t make total sense to me why I needed to do this 30 day cleanse fest when people who get a colonoscopy just drink some junk from the dr. down in 2 days and their bowls are as pink as Silas’ delicious lips.  Sounds fishy to me.

So Master Cleanse it is.  The salt water flush is always fun to do…you drink sea salt water and because you can’t digest it, it comes out your bung-holio and cleanses your bowels on the way out.  It’s quite an interesting process…but fun too….in a sick and demented way.

Because I’ve been reading all about cleansing online I dreamed about cleansing allllll night long.

I know that the foods we eat help aid us in cleansing but I don’t feel like I eat enough of that.  Sure if I was on the raw food diet I’d be clean and shiny but I’m not.  I eat healthier than average (I just eat too much of it) but I definitely don’t get enough raw fruits and veggies.  Or just enough fruits and veggies in general.  I do eat loads of whole grains but lately it’s all making me feel rather spongy.

Anyway, once I feel mean enough to actually stop nursing I’ll let y’all know and maybe some of you wanna cleanse with me!!  🙂  It can be a bloggy cleanse fest extravaganza.  Who’s with me?

Silas is sitting on my lap watching Ikey’s birthday video over and over and he’s so soft and his breath smells soooooo nice.


  1. Hi Leah! The Master Cleanse sounds interesting. I recently attempted a “Sugar Control Program” at the suggestion of my chiropractor. I did pretty well for about 10 days, lost 7 lbs, but felt yucky a lot of the time as the toxins/bacteria/viruses were leaving me. My neighbor did the DrNatura cleanse and seemed pleased, but yeah, why spend so much if you can get good results for less! Good luck when you do it. Maybe I’ll do it with you – although the salt water flush being “intense” and “frightening” sounds a little scary….! 😮 Could you elaborate or is that not a pretty story? 😉

  2. I had a friend do the cleanse one time and what she saw sounded frightening. But left me really wanting to try it myself. I wanted to see what was in there. How gross could I be. Curiosity I guess. She loved it, but didn’t stick with it for very long. Hers wasn’t strictly the fluid though. I would be interested in trying it with you. Nothing like a good cleanse. But then, you’re talking to miss constipation here, who loves a good laxative. I could be considered a laxative whore on some days. I know. TMI!!!! Sorry. 🙂

  3. Mandolin – well just think of drinking a bunch of salt water on an empty stomach and then pooing it out 15 minutes later. You’ll be impressed at the amount of pressure your bowels have…it shoots out like a super soaker. It’s all black and stinky stuff.

    RFMB – I used to be miss constipation. I changed my diet and I’m good as gold now. Are you eating properly??

  4. I’m supposed to do a cleanse with a friend…but this one sounds way way more appealing to me. Are you doing this for only one day then?

  5. Nooo it’s 10 days Jenivere or until your tongue turns pink again. I’d like to at least make it to when my salt water flushes look more clear than black.

    Leanne- you COULD do it but you’d puke up the salt water right? I think one that deals with supplements while you eat fruits and veggies would work better for you…we could still do it at the same time.

  6. My husband did a cleanse in May. He chose the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program ( It was only 12 days but very thorough. It also included the fiber (some of the cleanses you have to buy the fiber portion separately). He went through all the flu/sick/cold feelings but after about 5 days was feeling great. Just thought I’d put that out there in case you’re interested.
    ~ Leanne

  7. I’ve done it for 10 days – twice. My tongue didn’t turn pink, but I had it in my head that it would be 10 days so I just couldn’t mentally continue. You need to set a strong mental goal for yourself at the beginning. Something like, “I’m in it for 20 days unless my tongue turns pink more quickly.”

  8. Me? Eat properly? Well, breakfast is a glass of Plum Smart Juice to make me poop. I call it poop juice so do all my little kiddies, they always want MY juice and I tell them they can’t cuz they’ll be pooping all day. hehe Then a bowl of cereal. Lunch is normally a bowl of cereal. Supper is whatever if anything at all. We always have something going on at night and I feed the kids and we’re off and running. So…. do I eat good, properly. No. 🙁 Oops.

  9. My tongue is already pink. What other colour could it be?

    Doesn’t drinking salt water just make you terribly nauseous? I imagine I’d just puke it back up. Or maybe you dilute it more than I’m imagining.

    Anyway, sounds awful. Have fun!

  10. Rick is THE Master Cleanser. He does it about once a year until some fateful day when he flies into some remote AZ town and falls hard for a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. I’ve done the MC twice… both times for 10 minutes. It’s not for me. The cayanne (or however you spell it) is too much for me even in minute amounts.

    God be with you.

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