Headin North

Last night I decided on the fly to head north with my sister Juliet to go see my parents.   This sort of spontaneity freaks the crap outta me.  I’m excited now but I was kinda freaked last night.

On Tuesday, my counselor told me that if I wanted better self esteem then I need to start doing the things that freak me out.  Her voice was in my head last night as I was making my decision so I went for it.  Nothing about it is actually scary.  Mom and Mark keep a safe home for my Silas to come to visit peanut-wise so other than my sister’s driving, I should be fine…he he he.  Don’t tell her I said that. 🙂  She actually isn’t a bad driver…accidents just find her.  So do people who break into cars.

Speaking of breaking into cars.  I had mine broken into this week.  I forgot to lock my car, otherwise it’s alarmed so I don’t think anyone would break into it right outside my house.  BUT some little punk decided to try my doors and got in.  Anyway, it just made me laugh because they bypassed the CD’s and the stereo.  They now know I keep my faceplate in the glove compartment but they didn’t care.  They neatly took all of my change from the ash tray, left the pennies and my mail key and went on their merry way.  I wouldn’t have even noticed had they not emptied the center console into the passenger seat.  I’m realizing more and more that the community I moved into is full of thugs.  I think once we’re done our renos we’ll be moving out of this place, back to the old community which didn’t feel so full of thugs.  Here in the lower mainland everything runs together, our old town is only 2 minutes away…we’re right on the boarder…too bad the thugs reside so close.

Silas is making me watch Ikey’s birthday video over and over and over again…I must say that watching nude Ikey eat cake is one of the more enjoyable things to watch on You Tube

This morning Silas, Isaac and I were playing on my bed…well I was laying down spouting off commands.  I was tired from Isaac being awake since SIX AM!!  Anyway, Silas was standing on the bed and I said “Silas, on your bum” and he looked at me right in the eyes and said “please?” JUST like I do when he forgets to say please.  It was SO funny, I laughed so hard.

Last night I came home from working out and told Brent I was for sure going this weekend.  I gave him a Mars bar and then told him I’m going to give him his Father’s Day present now.  I was SO excited to give it to him.  I got us tickets to Blue Rodeo in Vancouver!!  8th row!!!  We’re both big fans so I’m very excited.  I think he’s excited.  It’s hard to tell with him.  He’s a lot like his Dad in that way…you give exciting news and it’s like “oh neat” where I’d be like “WOOOOOT WOOOOT” and jumping and quivering.

Anyway.  I could talk and talk and talk this morning.  Check out my weight loss progress if you wish.  I updated it.  The shorts I chose aren’t the best to see a difference with it.  They were uncomfortably tight before but now they’re comfy to wear.  I hope you can see the changes…I really can notice…it’s a 14 pound difference.  I’m kind of annoyed lately because the scale wont budge to 159…I wanna see the 150’s!!  I’m gaining a lot of muscle from doing boot camp with Jennie so I think that’s part of it.  I’ve made SO many changes and it’s not going fast enough.  Hopefully my metabolism adjusts and we can start losing the weight faster again.  I’m the kinda person who can eat a lot of junk and not get massive for a lonnnng time.  But then getting the weight that I do gain off seems to be pretty hard these days.  I miss my teenage years where I could move my pinky and lose a pound.  I am really feeling the benefits of working out though.  My tummy muscles feel a lot tighter and I just feel stronger, happier and I have more energy.

Mmmmmm Silas’ breath smells so GOOD.  Oooo…yesterday we were playing on the playground in our complex…or you could call it the neighborhood kitty litter…it’s gross.  Anyway…Silas climbed up some really hard things!!!  I was so proud of him!  5 months back he was too scared to even go down the slide.  I’m feeling like a better mother now that he’s doing harder things.

K…I’m stopping myself…I feel like I could chat FOREVER!!  I leave you with some cuteness.


  1. The pics look GREAT Leah! I can totally see the difference! It’s exciting, hey? I’m still getting used to pulling a different pant size in every store I go into to! Way to go!

  2. Spontaneity freaks me out too. I was a lot easier (somewhat) before kids, but they put a new angle on things. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Hey – just checked out your weight loss pics! Wow, you HAVE lost weight. The pictures tell it all. It’s so hard when the scale doesn’t budge, but you know that it’s probably muscle. Keep up the amazing workouts!!

    My tummy is my big trouble spot. It just never wants to go away. 🙁

  4. I need to start doing things that freak me out too – thanks for the inspiration.

    Your kiddos are so cute. (Oh, and you so rock with your weight loss – that’s on my to-do list, I’m sure I’ll get to it some time this century.)

  5. Dana – I wish I knew what it was like to pull a different pant size…I’m too poor to buy pants. Good thing I have ones that will fit me up until about 5 pounds before my goal weight 🙂 *hugz*

    Sara – I was totally different before having kids too. Am I the person that’s always like “me too” and I get annoying?? lol. We’re just the same though. I know another person who’s the same too…she’s marvelous. When we first met she kept saying “me too” over and over and i thought she was wacky ha ha ha.

    Andi- thanks so much!!

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