Another Great Trip!

Another lovely weekend with my parents!!  Aside from the chilluns not sleeping the greatest and getting up at 6:30 am, everything was swell.

Saturday mainly consisted of me and mom and Jules sitting around and sipping wine and giggling like little school girls.  Mom took me shopping for Isaac’s birthday.  We stopped at this really great toy store (who knew a small town had SUCH a specialty toy store?).  I’ve been thinking about trying to get better toys for my kids that are super good quality and a lot more thought about learning and development has been put into them.  Anyway, they had SKADS of Melissa and Doug things which I ADORE so I picked out this  Happy Hippo pull toy for Ikey (he loves it) and one of those wooden pound a peg boards where they hammer pegs (Isaac loves hammering…or just holding and hammer) and he LOVED them.  I was looking through the Melissa and Dough play food because I’ve been wanting to get some good quality play food for Silas that doesn’t have anything McDonalds in it!!  We found a BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!  It has candles you can put on it and these candy things.  It’s the cutest toy and SO perfect for SIlAS because he LOVES birthdays and candles and singing Happy Birthday.  He loves the toy and so do I.

This place also carried real tin Jack in The Boxes which are so hard to find.  I got the one with the sock monkey in it because clowns are frightening and this one had prettier colors.  Anyway, it was glorious (and it was kinda nice that at least one person remembered Ikey’s birthday ha ha ha…that wasn’t a hint…I really do think it’s funny).  My mom also let my borrow her sweater and then we went to the store where she bought it and she just bought me the same one…*sigh* I love her.

They’re building a house right now so we went out to see the big hole in the ground that will soon hold the foundation to a wonderful home.  I’m so excited to create new memories there.  Silas enjoyed walking around in the massive hole that will soon become a top vacation destination for our family.

That night Mark came home with farmers sausage and perogies so I took the hint and cooked them my best mennonite meal I could muster up.  No one can do the white gravy like my MIL though…no one.

Then I got to see Courtenay that night and I cut her hair.  It’s like cutting 4 or 5 or 6 heads of hair.  That girl has the thickest hair in the entire universe.  I think I did a good job on it.  I’d have a photo for you but a certain father figure of mine forgot to send them to me :).  I also got to give her the Bags for Zaza bag I designed her, I was happy to see she loved it.

On Sunday Court brought Emily over in the morning for a little play time which was fun.  When Emily was coming in the door Silas was saying in his sweetest voice: “come here sweetie, come here”.  It was so precious.  Emily had told her Mom that she was marrying Silas so we’ll have to see about that.

Mom took Jules to go clean her teeth (Mom is so handy) and when they were close to being done, Silas and I walked down to have mom look at his teeth.  The first dentist appointment is mainly just getting them in the chair and trying to get a little look in their mouth.  So we slowly were able to get him to sit on me in the chair and mom had a little lookey-loo.  We were so proud of him that he opened his mouth for her.  She’s really persuasive without bribing!

For Father’s day we made Mark his favorite sausages which we over-cooked and they were kind of like eating saw dust but the flavor was still there :).  The eggs were fantastic though.

Mom and Mark always enjoy it when we send the kids into their room at 6:30 am.  They love hearing Silas’ little voice say “good morning” and then he just climbs on up and cuddles with them.  Juliet and I always ended up in bed with them soon after ha ha, Mark is talking about getting a King sized bed because when all of us kids are there we ALL usually end up in bed with them…there’s 5 of us.  Ha ha.

It was a nice time.  I’m making it very important to get out there more often.  I love it out there SO much.  I always have a peace inside of me when I’m there.  Perhaps just the small town feel.  Laid back, completely not over stimulating for me like the city is…with people and cars all over.  *sigh*  I wish we could live there.  Perhaps one day.

Anyway, I’m going to sign off.  I’m going to get lunch ready and packed so we can have a picnic with Leanne and Lucas this sunny afternoon.


  1. Well thankyou for the compliment re the cream gravy…I also thought my MIL’s was the best and then she taught me and so it goes.We had the gravy for dinner today. So glad uyou were able to go for the visit to your mom and Mark’s…there nothing quite like being mothered by mother…I think.

  2. Hi — So happy you had a wonderful trip to your Mom and Mark’s home for the weekend. I am going to add my Mother’s name (your great grand-mother) to the list of great gravy makers. Sad to say I do not make gravy very often – love it though.
    We were at Andrea and David’s for Father’s Day,
    my birthday and Gordon’s birthday yesterday after-noon. Had a good time. Marlon & Ginny were not there – both sick. Marlon was to the Dr. today – bronchitis – got a prescription. Gramps and I were to the YMCA today for exercise. Love, Gram

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