New Bags!!

You may want to check out Bags for Zaza today as there’s a fresh batch. Linda who’s the person adopting the child has joined the creative team and is making bags with a totally different flavor than Jennie does. They’re all quite lovely and the money helps Linda and her husband pay for their adoption from Colombia. In case you didn’t already know, Zaza is the name we’ve temporarily given her so we have something to call her. Kinda like how we used to call Ikey’s fetus “chim chim” awee……Ikey as a fetus….

I’m SO tired this morning. Isaac did NOT sleep well so then neither did I. I dreamed alllll night about Bags for Zaza because I was helping Jennie with photo editing last night.

We’re getting more people joining our flab to fab workout. It’s exciting to see more people wanting to come out and get into shape. It sure is helping me feel stronger and healthier. I don’t get nearly as many aches and pains (other than sore muscles) and it’s just feeling oh so good. I think I’m ready for level three as I’m feeling like our level two isn’t hurting enough. It’s funny cuz we just went up to level two but it didn’t stay hard for long. Jennie and I were noting how we aren’t almost dying at the end of our hill running. Before we were SO out of breath but we’re definitely seeing a difference in our cardio and our strength. I’m even finding that those evil muscles, that get wacky after kids (or with old age in Jennies case…MUHAHAHA) and make it so you can’t do anything without peeing yourself, are getting much stronger and I am no longer needing a fresh Depends with every work out…kidding…kinda.

I feel like I have seasonal allergies today. It’s yucky.

K I’m almost falling asleep. I wonder if this little warm body on my lap will let me have a little nap.


  1. Hey – I went to put a comment on the bag I wanted – but someone beat me to it – will there be more after this batch?

  2. Which bag did you want? I can maybe go cut one out that’s like it. And yes, we’re going to keep going until we’ve paid for the rest of their adoption fees. Let me know baby, you can give me an idea and I’ll go make it for you, you don’t have an obligation to buy it though if you don’t like it :). Lemme know which one…all cuz I love you to bits and pieces.

  3. I’m waiting for the perfect bag to jump out and say buy me! buy me! The bags are awesome, I just haven’t found MY bag 🙂 My baby has decided morning begins at 5 am!!! He’s killin’ me.

  4. Ya I was too. Good thing I get first look at everything because MINE is amazing. Linda actually made it and I can’t wait for it to get from Arizona into my grubby little paws. It’s a beaut!

    I’m going to go to Jen’s again soon and help design and cut out…maybe one of my designs will Jump out atcha.

  5. I liked the one called “A Swiftly Tilting Planet” – so cute! I totally wanna buy one – make me one!!!

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