New Years Blueberries

Well, 2008 has arrived.  We welcomed the new year with Colin and Leanne.  They put Lucas to bed in our playpen in our room and I think it worked out perfectly.  Although, I do not know how it went on their drive home and whatnot.

We had really amazing…um…*place in weird word here*…horse dovers?  Lets call them starters…anyway, the PC Brand “starters” that they picked out were really yummy.  We mixed Southern Comfort with pineapple juice (wonder drink), had some yucky apple wine (one big swallow and it was gone) and then some champagne for 12:00…I didn’t drink mine.  We had these amazing plans to have a chocolate fondu but after seizing two batches of chocolate we gave up on the idea of a creamy chocolate fondu.  Only after we had tummies full of goopy chocolate and fruit did I realize how to fix it…and I did.  We were too full to eat any more but it was fixed and beautiful and I felt a slice of redemption.

We had the privilage of enjoying three little blueberries that evening, I thought I’d let you enjoy them as well…








I happen to have the littlest and roundest blueberry on my lap right now.  He’s pretty delicious and no calories!

I haven’t made any resolutions.  I know myself enough to know that it’s pointless.  Leah making goals is as useful as a cheap can opener.  BUT I will just continue on my journey of self betterment that I’m always on because baby steps are what’s workin for me.  Here’s some more photos.



beautiful seized chocolate on my fondu stick poker…I’d say that’s a fon-don’t…har har har


Brent’s banana


Leanne thinks it’s delicious!


at least it looked pretty??





  1. The boys are adorable! Classic that there isn’t one picture of them all looking at the camera at the same time. Did they take lessons from my son?! 😛 Happy New Year!

  2. I think those BLUEBERRIES would be delicious dipped in chocolate 🙂 Awesome Christmas gift Grandma Reimer!

  3. So nice to know that I love those blueberries for real, and not just in photos.
    I was kind of impressed with your husbands as well…..

  4. I hear berries are very good for us ….and those blueberries are the best. Your fondue looked like a good time nice to see you could share it with the other great people in your area.

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