7 Months Old!!

Wow, Ikey turned 7 months old yesterday. I know everyone says this, but I must reiterate that time indeed goes by wickedly fast. My little munchkin is getting so big. We’re over half way done the baby stage, I hate that. I love where he is right now. He’s not quiteikey1.jpg crawling so my world hasn’t fallen apart yet. He’s happy to just mull about on the rug and chew on this and that. It’s wonderful. He’s so happy right now.

We have welcomed the arrival of two teeth. He slept for three days straight as they cut their way through his tender gums. Today he’s totally back to himself which I am thankful for. I can’t believe he cut two teeth at once like that, they came in exactly the same. I can’t wait until they grow in a bit and we can snap some photos of him smiling with two little teeth. I love that.

I gave him a Baby Mum Mum yesterday and he went to town. I wish I could find or make an organic version with no sugar in it but oh well. He really enjoys them and today it shut him up for a while as I was trying to get Silas his lunch. He is surprisingly good at eating them. Silas couldn’t figure them out, I wondered why they said you can give it to babies that just have started on solids. Silas would want the whole thing in his mouth (like he does with everything) and would end up coughing on the thing. Ikey takes dainty little bites and gets goopy globs of it all over himself. It’s really quite adorable to watch.

Ikey still isn’t too keen on solids, neither is his tummy. I really have to load him up with the flax seed meal, otherwise he’s constipated. He doesn’t look like a fella with a sensitive tummy because of his massive gurth, he looks like he just ate a burger and fries. Alas, he’s sensitive. I accidentally gave him some white rice cereal and that about killed him I’d think. He had an awful time with it. I don’t see why white rice cereal is given to babies, it’s not gentle…it’s like feeding them glue. I guess it’s just hypoallergenic…but perhaps dirt is as well…probably better for them anyway. He did enjoy some green beans this afternoon but hasn’t enjoyed anything like he does sweet potatoes. I hope he likes the ones I made him because there’s now loads of it in my freezer. How come some sweet potato is orange is some is yellow? Feels like without all that color, it’s not nearly as good for them.

ikey2.jpgIkey has been working at crawling. I’m glad he’s slower at getting to it than Silas was. I’m not ready to be keeping a constant eye on Isaac. It’s a milestone that I will be proud of but not to keen on reaching. Right now he’s getting by with getting up on his hands and knees and flopping forward. It’s pretty cute. It only works, though, when he’s on the area rug. Once he finds his way off that, he just moves backwards.

He’s still not sleeping through the night but he’s not waking as much as before. I know, I know I need to crack down eventually, I’m not looking forward to it though. I’m so used to getting up in the night that it’s not a big deal anymore. I’ve been doing it for ages already. Plus I kind of like our night time nursing. I love feeling his warm little body against mine in bed and smooching him all the way back to his own bed when he’s done. Sleepy baby kisses are wonderful. It’s really nice to be home again because he goes right back to sleep after I nurse him. We had an awful time with that in MB. If he doesn’t go right back to sleep, I at least don’t hear him here.

Isaac is just wonderful right now. I love this stage so much, he’s just a big, fat ball of sunshine and drool. My FIL couldn’t believe how happy the little gaffer is and neither can I. He’s lovely. I keep trying to imagine him at Silas’ age and I can’t. He seems like he needs to be a baby forever and sometimes I wish it were so. Baby Silas seems such a distant memory in my mind that sometimes I wondered if it even happened. I’m really clinging to Baby Isaac and trying to memorize everything about him because I know I’ll miss it (as I miss Silas’) once he’s toddling around and beating on his big brother.


  1. Two teeth!!!! Ikee sure was happy here consdering he was working on those teeth. I’m glad your nights are going better once again. One way of retaining those memories is to write them down which you’re doing as you blog. The walls here are emitting the sounds of your time here…good sounds.

  2. How nice to have such a happy baby!!

    You’re right…it is interesting what a big boy Ikee is to have troubles with food. Often kids with difficulties look half starved! He’s lucky to have a mommy who knows so much about nutrition 🙂

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