Ikey hasn’t really stopped sleeping since we got home two days ago. He slept on and off the entire flight and has only woken up to eat since. He is a little less lethargic today but still sleepy sleepy sleepy. The poor little boy has been cutting BOTH bottom teeth at the same time. I can feel them now but they aren’t entirely cut yet. Poor puddin. I remember when Silas cut his second bottom one he had a high fever and slept on me all day. I’m glad Ikster doesn’t have much of a fever.

I felt so bad for him on the plane, he was sick with a cough (thankfully it never turned into croup…gotta love the benefits of nursing), he was cutting two teeth, he was very constipated, and he had some coffee spill on him which thankfully wasn’t smoking hot. It still hurt him though. We got some new cold air humidifiers which I don’t know HOW people live without when they have colds. We all sounded gross the morning we woke up and hadn’t slept with one. Now Ikey has a nice one running in his room…our other one pooped out and it wasn’t filtered or anything.

Silas has been very sleepy and needy since getting home. I think our trip exhausted him. Plus now he’s used to people paying attention to him all day long so he’s making the adjustment to being at home…slowly. He was very excited to be home, he ran about the house all giddy. It’s crazy how a trip like that can take so much out of little guys. He’s still tired from it I think.

Our Christmas was nice. I think the highlight for me was our oil fondu on Christmas evening. The FIL said he’d eat a mug of snow if we got it all ready by 9:30 so all of us rushed around and got everything ready to go and we were eating at 9:15…he didn’t eat the snow. I made pina coladas out of snow because the kids were sleeping and we couldn’t crush ice. I made little snowballs for garnish. Leanne was entirely grossed out (city girl) but most of us enjoyed them. We just all were laughing so hard. It was fun.

Another highlight for me was meeting a fellow blogger Joyce. Who we sat and chatted with for many hours. The conversation was lovely and meaning-full, there was laughter and tears. It’s great to meet another blogger, Leanne and I read her blog often. It was made possible because she just happens to be Roselle’s cousin. Ikey loved her too, I know this because she’s one of the few that he’ll just up and kiss right away. She has a photo on her blog of the three of us…me with my hair standing on end…and no one told me. Thanks guys 🙂

The food was always amazing. I’ve really taken a liking to Mennonite food and all of it’s glory. It’s simple food, a lot of meat and starch and it’s the best comfort food out there. The meat buns this year were incredible along with the glorious meat pie with mushroom gravy. The farmers sausage corn chowder also tantalized my taste buds. And not in Mennonite tradition but very wonderful as well was the copious amounts of alcohol. We made some really yummy drinks which were very enjoyable in the evenings. Brent made an important discovery…cream soda and vodka don’t go well together. Ha ha. I now have my little family on a diet consisting of many veggies…time to cleanse away all the junk food we ate!

I was very happy to go to the big family get together and see that they had made a major effort to keep it nut free. FIL and his mom were major advocates for Silas and it went off without a hitch or a hive. I think Lucas made it out without hives too even though everyone drank egg nog (the most amazing egg nog in the world…hola). So thank you family members who read this. I’m so thankful it was nut free for my boy. I find it really hard to ask that of people so I’m glad that FIL was demanding for me :).

It’s weird going to a different family’s home for Christmas. I’m so used to my own family’s traditions and what not that it kinda doesn’t feel like Christmas in a way. I’m sure Brent feels the same way going to my house. It’s still Christmas, just very different. I’m still set on taking Christmas traditions from both families for our kids. I think it’s good to keep some of the Mennonite traditions going, it’s part of their heritage…a big part. So I’m embracing some things from that for them. I think I’ll get a recipe for that egg nog. It’s to die for.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re more interested in photos. I didn’t take many at all…most of them are Brent’s snappings…and blurry 🙂 gotta love the effort though :). Anyway…here ya go go.


nude with grandpa


Ikey…we were laughing hysterically at this.


With Grandma


Brent posing in the kitchen and you can see my shepherds pie in his hand!


Lucas in his Christmas sleeper on Christmas Eve.


Ikey looking pretty on Christmas morning


Evan with his gift from Brent. Like my wrapping job? he he he


Delighted to find booze in my present from Leanne


Sick boy enjoying some ribbons. Gosh he loves ribbons.


Silas and his cousin Isabelle enjoying the #1 hit toy of Christmas. A kids digital camera that Isabelle was so nice to share with her cousins. Silas spent most of his time on these steps because there was a ceiling fan above them.


Me and da boyz…smiling silly.


All 5 cousins. This is the best shot we could get…ha ha. Cute bunch hey?


Ikey loves kissing Leanne. Every once in a while he finds someone he loves kissing. Leanne is definitely one of them. She was sopping wet after this.


Lucas finally cuts in on the kissing fest…”that’s enough there Isaac”


A sick a sleepy baby finally at home.




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