Ready for Pre-School?

The world of color has now opened up to Silas.  Either this boy is a liiiitle extra extra or some parents don’t take the time to teach their kids colors.  Everything is now being named for it’s color.  We’ve gotten down blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, red and brown.  Today I taught him white so we’ll see if that one works too.  My favorite is when he says green “gweem”.  He’s so excited about color, like he finally has a name for some of his favorite things.  I’m sure he’s been noticing the plethora of colors out there, he just never knew a name for them!  Anyway, I’m excited for him.  We really have a good start on his colors, shapes, ABC’s and counting.  My sister tells me she knows pre-school kids who don’t know all of that, I wonder what their parents are doing….toys these days usually incorporate all those learning things.  I always feel bad for not playing with Silas enough but I guess I am if he’s getting all this stuff down.  *proud parent moment*.

He’s pretty cute with shapes as well.  We have a shape sorter with many different shapes so he’s saying things like “oval” and “crescent”.  Shape sorters have to be one of the best toys out there.

Silas’ counting is really adorable too.  He’s inherited the wacky trait that all of us kids in my family have….counting stairs.  He did it on his own.  He’s not actually COUNTING the stairs but he does count as he goes up.  When he randomly counts he just pokes randomly at things until he’s hit 10.  It’s really rather cute.

He’s doing great with ABC’s also.  He loves letters.  He’s been able to sing the abc’s for a while now and I’m slowly and casually working on letter recognition with him.  I don’t want to push it at all but I would like to teach him to read myself.  If he lets me.  I think casually bringing it into play will help him in the future.

Anyway, there’s my moment of bragging.  I kinda sound like an over-achieving mom but we just work all of this stuff into play time and he eats it up!   They retain information so easily at this age.  Reading books is really the kicker I think.

I will write about Christmas.  I think I’m still just recovering from all the junk food and alcohol and having a bunch of people around.  I do have some lovely photos to share and I will get to it.  But right now I’m off to unpack the mounds of fruits and veggies I’ve bought to cleanse me of all the starch and fat and msg I consumed last week.  I bought myself a mandolin (the veggie cutter kind) with Christmas money,  it’s something I’ve wanted realy badly so now I think I’m just going to go cut stuff up.  I have a million things going through my creative culinary mind right now.  I’m going to make some sweet potato fries tonight with it.  I hate those things but I want to see if Silas will eat it and if he will, so will I.  I can embrace sweet potatoes for my veggie-hating child.


  1. Roselle and I are reading and missing you. We’re also wondering what a mandolin is and noting that the sweet potato fries sound really good. We ate fries tonight and are currently swimming in grease. Soon it will stop. But right now we will try to concoct the yummy drink you introduced us to. Sweet dreams!

  2. a mandolin is a food slicer. You can make super thin or thicker slices. You can make really fine strips or julienne or make like skinny fries. It’s versatile and lovely. I made a really fine carrot slaw today and gave it a light dressing, it didn’t even feel like you were eating carrots.

  3. Sweet potato fries do sound good!

    How old is your toddler? He sounds an aweful lot like mine, they must be close in age! (Only every color is blue, because that is her favorite, only occasionally can I get her to name the correct colors.)

  4. Sounds like a goos Idea. I’ve been eying up a nice mandolin at hemmingways for a while. Maybe I should just crack down and get one. I’m looking forward to the junk food being gone in our house! Jan 1st is the deadline. Garbage day! dun dun duhhh.

  5. Project Mommy-he just turned two last month.

    Cootie – get a cheap one from an Asian market next time you’re in Richmond. Most chefs on TV say those are the best ones anyway. Mine was 25 bones and it works great.

  6. Sounds cute! Hadyn can sing her abc’s but since she’s only 16 months old we think she is just copying the sounds.

    We’re sad we didn’t get to see you guys really while you were out. Sounds like you were pretty busy with family though…understandable.

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