Nothing to Say

So, I really don’t have anything exciting to write about today.  I always feel like I need to say something though.  Silas just got up and we’re having lunch and then heading off to the pool to meet Auntie Jen Jen and the kids for a swim.  Lets hope no one notices my bikini line.  We already were at Jen’s this morning for our traditional eggs golden rod Easter breakfast.  Soooo yummy.

Anyway, for those of you that pray, perhaps put one out there for my MIL, she took a little tumble today and broke her hand and nose.  She was trying to save her granddaughter Olivia from falling down the stairs.  Anyway Roselle, I hope you have a fast recovery!!  Make sure you take it easy!!  I’ll probably call you tonight anyway.

That’s all folks.  Time to find some food to feed my poo head.


  1. thanks leah for your loving concern, its my right hand so left handing it now.I feel the prayers, i think , and for sure the t3. do call, i think i’ll be in bed by 10 my time.

  2. i was thinking about eggs golden rod the last few days and the time i had it there at jenny’s house.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I decided to come check out yours. I have a son named Silas too. We haven’t met any other boys with that name, so it’s fun to see you have a boy named Silas too.

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