The Unimaginable

Something has happened to me, it’s something I never thought I’d do, think, or say.  I’ve really shocked myself this time for sure.  I want a minivan.  We went to Langley specifically to look at Subaru’s and we took an amazing 2007 Forrester out for a test drive and I was instantly in love with it.  Amazing vehicle and we were considering leasing it.  I had my mind set on getting this car, I even loved the cherry-red color.  We still have to sell our little Golf so we couldn’t get anything right away.  Our next stop was on a whim to the Honda dealership and I walked over to the minivans just because I’d been curious about them.  Mainly because my husband was all for them and I was humouring him.  Once looking at it and realizing all the features and how easy it would make my life, I fell in love.  FIFTEEN cup holders makes me a little excited, along with the automatic door and enough space in the back for anything.  I really was wondering where the sink was.  I took it for a little drive and it drove beautifully, the 6 cylinder engine made me feel a little bit cool in the thing plus it drives just like my little car.  I’d have to get used to the automatic thing but I think I can handle that.  We had a great salesman as well who didn’t think I was too weird to ask if I could fit a deer in the back with the seats down.  Yes, I plan on hunting in the future.  Anyway, I’ve researched them and the Honda Odyssey is the #1 minivan and the safest.  I never thought I’d be a minivan driver nor a Honda driver but here I am in love with a minivan.  I still love the Forrester but I think I’ll save that one for when it’s doors open automatically too.  It’s just too darn convenient when you have little brats and groceries.

Anyway, those darn geese are still enjoying our neighbourhood.  I’ve noticed they honk around 6:30 exactly and it’s followed by my son waking up.  Perfect.  I don’t know if he’s already mostly awake or those dumb birds are waking him up.  They’ve been here for more than a week, am I smart to say they’ve decided to stay?

Silas and I aren’t going to church this morning.  His 4 gigantic, horrible molars are coming in and he’s sooo sleepy.  I can’t imagine what he’d do in church today so we’ll stay here.  That way I can go back to sleep too.  He’s cuddling his Daddy right now, he’s not really letting up put him down.  This morning he came into bed with me and we sang “Bed of Roses” at the top of our lungs.  He’s so cool.

We don’t actually have any Easter plans but I’ll talk to my sister Jen and see what they’re doing.   I’m in the mood for scalloped potatos and I’ll make them if she has us over!!  ha ha..mmmmm.  None of our traditional breakfast this morning either.  It seems like I’ve forgotten to plan Easter.


  1. ok scary. Ive been humoring Morgan about getting a minivan too and Ive actually come to the place where I think I can handle it. So now we are on the lookout for a minivan too. wow we are getting old. Us..our kids…minivans….oh man this is scary.

  2. I know, us being together with our kids is weird, let alone minivans. The Honda one is nice nice nice and top rated as well! Safety first. Goodness I love you.

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