Strange Animal Behavior

So, we’ve recently got these new neighbors who really seem like they DO NOT belong in our neighborhood.  They’re very loud an obnoxious and completely out of their usual environment.  Not to mention they live on the roof of the building across the street.  That’s no place to raise children, I don’t think.  We have a couple of geese who have taken residence across the street from us.  I live on one of the busiest streets in my city, I guess my apartment is situated more on the side street.  This is a smaller side street with tall buildings so everything echoes, especially honking geese.  It’s a known fact that geese return to their place of birth to lay their eggs and raise their families.  These geese were not here the past two years that we’ve lived here.  They’re nuts!  I was just watching them eat grass and walk all over a busy parking lot.  One of them tried to fly onto a balcony full of people without realizing there were people there.  The reaction of the people and the goose was rather entertaining to watch.  Anyway, I’m concerned that they’ve found a big puddle on that roof and decided for some reason it was the lake in which they were born and have now made residence and are preparing for egg laying.  They’ve both been walking around so I don’t think there’s eggs up there but I fear they are coming soon.  Anyway, these suburban geese are bothering me.  I love geese but I don’t love them outside of their natural environment at all.  We have a park with a lake that’s full of geese and it would probably take them 1 minute to fly on over there to start a life in a more “natural” environment.  How do you make geese go away?

Speaking of animals, I was just at a nursery with bro and sis in law (Brent’s bro) helping them pick out plants for the front of their house.  This nursery has a petting zoo with three baby goats, a sheep, a regular-sized rooster and a freakishly small rooster who walks around like he’s da bomb.  The mommy goat is in a different pen.  I went right in and sat down with the three goats.  I had one on each finger sucking away on them…I was in heaven.  Of course until one chomped down on my pinky with a very large molar…it’s still kind of hurting.  Silas just laid himself onto the sheep and it didn’t even mind.  He called everything “doggie” which is fine I guess, at least he knows they’re animals.  I am so in love with those baby goats though, I think I need one.   I scratched them and kissed them and let them paw and nibble at me.  It’s funny what I’ll put up with just to be in the presence of animals.  I’m still on a very good endorphin rush from the entire experience (and being in a nursery gets my endorphins going as well…I love plants).  I was sufficiently covered in goat shit by the end of it all but I was mildly OK with that.  Pardon my french but it it’s poo from an animal, I think it’s OK to call it “shit”.  I didn’t even have an allergic reaction to the goats which was surprising.  If I had kissed a cat or a horse my lips would be ballooning.  Anyway, I could talk for forever about my love for those three darling little goats but I’m sure most of you would get bored of it.  I hear the geese, they must be back.  If this was 20 years ago where I used to live those geese would be supper tonight.  I don’t think shot gun use in a city is OK though….


  1. Oh, How annoying but so cute. This reminds me of a mama bird who built her nest outside my bedroom window. It was so cute, yet SO annoying. As far as the geese go, I doubt animal control would come to the rescue of “relocating” these little animals.. or would they? I would never know what to do in a situation like that. Suck it up and put up with the dog gone geese for the next weeks.. or call animal control. I really hope the geese didn’t mistake a puddle for a pond. Especially when that puddle dries up. Ah, what a dilemma.

  2. I think these geese were both in an abusive relationship and then they found each other and can’t go back to their lake because their spouses are looking for them. Geese mate for life so I’m sure they’d be shunned in their home town.

  3. I’m scared of goats and geese. They are freaky. Especially goats. I think they are the new school veloceraptors. Pretty much all birds are scary. They think I’m Lunch. I don’t know maybe I look lunch-like.

  4. You had me feeling really sorry for you for a min. talking about your new neighbours, I thought maybe they had moved into a suite below you. Are they waking up Silas with their honking? We are seeing pairs of them too but very soon we’ll see flocks of 100’s.

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