A Little Negative

I’m tired and grumpy today.  I went to have a nap about an hour ago and it was taking forever to fall asleep.  I was stoked though because Brent was here so I didn’t have to wake up when Silas did, I had a long nice sleep ahead of me.  Just as I was falling asleep Brent came in with Silas saying they were leaving.  Much to my dismay, my nap was then over because I couldn’t fall asleep.  You know when you get woken up at the wrong time of a nap and you’re heart is racing from it?  Ya, so now I’m tired and I didn’t get to sleep off my grumpies today.  I’m tired, I’m having a baby soon, and I just wanna NAP!  Once Brent gets home I’ll make sure he’s aware of where pens and paper are in this house.  Notes are good when grumpy preggo ladies are napping.

I was pretty dissapointed that all the car dealerships were closed  today.  I know it’s Good Friday and it’s important and everything but I didn’t know it was such a holiday that people closed shop.  I guess it is though, we’ll have to go car shopping tomorrow.  *sigh*.

Anyway, I shouldn’t write much more because I’m feeling grumpy and negative and nothing will be nice to listen to.  But hey, I’m allowed to be grumpy once in a while right?


  1. yes you are entitled to whatever you want right now. hope you can find time for a nap or just relax. thanks for the hair advice yesterday. i saved the message. i will let you know how my appt goes when it does. i’ll be sure to ask your opinion.


  2. I can hope for a restful nights sleep…but it’s probably not going to happen. Not with a large fetus perched on my blatter, not a chance. But yes, we can always hope…

    I just too a long shower and shaved my legs, feeling a bit better.

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