Snorting and an American Idol Rant

The funniest thing happened last night while I was sleeping.  I was having this very strange dream about having to drive this tiger around in the back of my car.  I was frightened because I knew it was getting hungry and I was scared it was going to eat me.  Some person kept making me drive it around though.  Makes no sense.  Anyway, I was taking a pee break from all the driving and I noticed a man in his car who was looking at me pee (apparently the outhouse I was in had a bid window) so suddenly I jumped at the window and started snarling at him…a very loud snorting of some sort.  In my mind I was wondering what I was doing and I had become the tiger or something, I even thought the tiger may have suddenly possessed me.  Anyway, I wake myself up because I’m actually SNORTING very loudly.  I look over and Brent’s staring at me blankly.  He doesn’t wake up easily so it must have been really loud.  I tried to tell him what was happening but he fell back asleep.  We had a good laugh about it this morning on the phone.  What a weird thing for him to wake up to.

Completely different subject but I need to share something with you Americans.  STOP VOTING FOR SANJAYA!!  GOSH.  He’s soooo bad.  Someone amazing went home last night and Sanjaya was still in good standing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Stop letting your tweens vote for him, I’m going crazy!!

Anyway.  I didn’t get to nap today or yesterday, I just couldn’t fall asleep.  Today Silas woke up about 20 mins early but then fell back asleep on me.  I was able to bring him over to the couch and lay down with him in the most spectacular cuddling position.  I was slowly drifting off to sleep when a very warm hand touched my cheek.  I opened my eyes to see his very happy face looking at me.  He said “hi” and then poked me in the eye repeatedly saying “eye eye”.  It was a lovely end to my “nap” even though I didn’t get any sleep.  At least I’m trying so I can tell my doctor that.

I’m stoked for the long weekend.  I think we’ll go look at cars tomorrow and try and figure out what we want.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try and make some pasca for easter.  It’s an easter bread, a Mennonite tradition and it’s amazing.  It takes a lot of time so we’ll see.  I’m really craving it though.   I’m trying to embrace some Mennonite traditions for my family because it’s my husband’s heritage.  I never knew much about Mennonites, I did go to a Menno church but it wasn’t um…traditional.  Anyway, excited for easter!!


  1. The feeling of a baby’s hand touching you and waking you like that is simply amazing! I swear there’s nothing like it. That and cuddling with a freshly bathed baby – OMG I can’t wait to have that again.

  2. oh my gosh. this is the best post i’ve read all day. i completely agree with you about sanjaya. HE IS AWFUL. his faux hawk and all. oh gosh. awful. the snorting thing.. same goes with me. i also have recently started talking to myself in my sleep and i wake myself up. conor has a new way of letting me know when i go on these sleep rants.. he taps me.. and i stop for a while.. but it is this new thing, and gosh, i hope it goes away once the baby is born.

  3. Ha Ha! I used to know a fishing guide who went fly fishing in his sleep. I was constantly woken up by the thud of his hand as it wacked the wall when he cast his fly. Oh my what weirdness. Take a nap little sister!

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