New Leaf

Spring is sure a nice time to be in my nesting phase. I seem to be inspired easily these days and I don’t know if it’s because we’ve actually had a few moments of sunshine or if it’s just all the beautiful flowering trees everywhere. I probably would be right to just chalk it up to hormone levels though. With all of the visiting that has happened, Silas got very used to going out every single day. Yesterday, when he hadn’t been out yet and he had already had his nap, he said “go go?”. So my new leaf I’m turning over is to get him out of the house everyday. I think it will be good for both of us. I’m the kind of person who can stay in my house for five days in a row and not even notice. I’m what they call a “nugget”. But we’re changing this and I will find reason to get out and about every day. Silas has been so stinking happy lately so I think this is a good thing to continue with. I like it when my child is pleasant. I can’t believe he’s doing this despite the three molars that are trying to poke through his gums, there could be four but I haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of the one.

So, in lieu of the new leaf we made it to the park this morning for a little play time. The weather network web page said that it wasn’t supposed to rain until 11 but the rain came 40 mins early. We still played, though, because he was having fun. He got to chase some geese and he kissed a golden retriever pup right on the nose. He gets more and more gentle with doggies as time goes by, except when he pokes them in the eyes and says “eye”. I guess he just needs to make sure the doggy knows where it’s own eyes are. Ireland came to play too and he enjoyed squeaking at her and having her chase him for a bit. Toddlers really don’t get the play together thing much though.

I managed to get most of the laundry done yesterday. My husband got home and saw piles of laundry everywhere and though “it’s messier in here than when I left” but then he rounded the corner into our clean room and drew a sigh of relief. He’s happy as long as things aren’t messier than when he left the house. He’s pretty easy to please. He even helped me fold everything and put it away which is my least favorite part.

Chim Chim has the hiccups at the moment. I just started to feel them last week, right after I had mentioned to someone that he doesn’t ever get the hiccups. I’m kind of on the fence with weather or not I like the feeling of them, they’re so weird feeling.

Nap time!


Here’s a photo I took of a leaf at the park this winter (on the one sunny day we had).  I know it’s more fall-like but I thought it appropriate


  1. Ok, so what do hiccups feel like? I assume that anytime I have rhythmic movement going on, that it’s more likely to be hiccups then kicking… but I could be totally off! 🙂

  2. I have the same problem of staying in my house. Since I now work from home too, it’s gotten even worse. Anytime I need stuff from the store, I e-mail or call my husband and he picks it up on his way home 🙂 I’m good at figuring out how to never leave, which isn’t the greatest thing – but hey it’s my house and I like it here! LOL And I must say there are times when it’s nice to get out. For me, it’s just not very often.

  3. Love the leaf photo even if it is out of season, good work. The dream sounds interesting let me think about it to come up with it’s meaning. Glad to hear you got the laundry done, that reminds me I still have a couple of loads after our trip.

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